The Manambolo River

“Manambolo river” is a river from the highlands of Madagascar and crosses the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park before reaching the sea in Mozambique channel. Before arriving to Bekopaka village, where you will stay during your Tsingy de Bemaraha visit, this is the last river you will cross.

A tour on the gorge of Manambolo river in traditional canoes is almost included in our tours to the Tsingy. The tour starts early morning, when the life on the river wakes up, and the river is calm. The silence of the canoe in the water, birds singing and lemurs in the trees makes the Manambolo river tour a fabulous start of the day, even if breakfast was early.

The canoe captain will welcome you with a smile and pride into his handmade canoe and the short tour of the river is about to start.

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The river holds a rich history, and is today still important for the the daily life for the population living along the river. Your guide will tell you about the traditions still being followed here in the region, and tales and stories inherited through generations.

The Vazimba tombs (Malagasy ancestors tombs) are buried in the imposing cliffs with a good view of the caves that you will visit. The cave hides stalactites and stalagmites. They are mineral formation that hangs from the ceiling of the cave. The lights of your torch will make them shiny and glittering.

The Vazimba ‘caves served as their shelters against enemy attacks. You can climb around inside the cave, and let your thoughts fly back to the tribal wars in this area.

Heading back down the river, you will see the fishermen in action getting up the river fish, that may be on the menu later this day.

Before you take this short river tour, be sure to bring your torch (headlamps, pocket lamp) and also hats to protect you from the sun that can be quite strong on the river. Also remember to respect the taboos as not pointing things with the tip of fingers. Your guide will instruct you before going on the river.

After this river tour, going to explore the small Tsingy follows up the program.

To learn more about the West of Madagascar, feel free to visit our website.

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