The Mountainous Andringitra National park

Andringitra is a National Park located in Southern of Ambalavao. The park is managed by both World Wildlife Foundation in cooperation with Madagascar National Parks. This area extends in 31,160 ha with an altitude ranging from 650 to 2658 m.

The highest peak inside the park is Imarivolanitra Peak at 2658m of altitude. This is the highest accessible summit of the Big Island if you want to meet splendid and unique altimontane habitats.

Andringitra National park offers some of the most beautiful panoramas in Madagascar: large open areas of highland plateaus and at the foot of that powerful peaks is rainforest rich in plants and animals .

Many hikes are possible through trails to discover waterfalls, historic caves and wildlife includes chameleons, birds, nocturnal lemurs (Microcebus rufus), lemur catta inside this highland vegetation.

Not only fauna you’ll discover but flora too, you will have opportunities too to see orchids, rare palms (Konkona), epiphytes and other wildflowers.Then learn about how the local uses medicinal plants for treating disease.

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Andringitra National Park © Office regional du tourisme Fianarantsoa

On the western side of the Andringitra Park , you will also find the cliff of Tsaranoro in the Sahanambo Valley, it’s a climbing spot recognized worldwide due to his 800 m vertical of cliff.

As this area is in high altitude, be prepared for cold temperatures especially at night. The climate is variable and between August and May , the temperatures can fill below 0'c .

You will never get bored at this mountainous area because many activities can be done here as trekking, hiking, camping, as well as paragliding…

To learn more about the South of Madagascar, feel free to .

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