Tsimanampetsotsa National Park

Also called Tsimanampetsotse for the Southern people, it’s a national park located in 90 km South of Tulear. The shallow, saline lake Tsimanampetsotsa inside that area give the name of the park. Due to the high salinity, there are no fish inside the lake but hundred species of birds are found inside the park as waders, Madagascan plover, ducks and flamingos. Not only birds can be seen inside the park but lemurs too among them are catta Lemur and Sifaka.

Many circuit tours can be done as discovering the Mitoho Grotto (cave) with its blind fish, or follow the lake’s shore to watch birds.

Inside Tsimanampetsotsa National park can be found the “Baobab grandmother”, the oldest baobab tree of Madagascar that has 1650 years old.

And for sightseeing-lover , the park has a splendid view point across the lake accessed on steep walk about 200 m from the car park.

Greater flamingo in the Tsimanampetsotse lake