Wave Hi Manifesto

Lorie Driscoll
Aug 31, 2017 · 4 min read

Have you ever had somebody wave hi, but you weren’t quite sure they were waving to you, so you didn’t wave back?

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Have you ever had somebody wave hi, but you weren’t quite sure they were waving to you, so you didn’t wave back?

One time, I caught myself doing just that in a crowd, at a concert. I didn’t wave back. Instead, I assumed somebody astounding was directly behind me, and I turned around to see who that might be. Somebody else who deserved a wave hello. Somebody else who had a special connection with the waver.

I used to think, “Who me? Nah, not me.” Now I think, “Why not me?” Maybe life itself is waving hi to me. Maybe life is happening for me and not just to me.

What if we had that perspective and applied it to our writing? Life itself is waving hi, vying for our attention amid the chaos, the myriad choices. Life itself is advocating for us, not scheming against us. Let us choose Life. Creativity. Love.

“The trouble is, we think we have time.” — Buddha

We feel like we’ll get it right next time. We’ll get up the guts next time. Next year will be a better year. The next job will be everything that the current one is not. The next relationship, the next workout. We’ll wave hi the next time somebody waves. We’ll participate.

Please, stop opting out.

The world needs your unique voice, your unique presence and spirit that you bring it. The world needs your laugh, your tone of voice, the way you turn a phrase. The world needs you.

Stop comparing your average day to the best of somebody’s best. Stop comparing yourself to the shiny, happy people on television or social media.

You be you. You’re the best at it.

Yes, you’ll have to hone your voice as a writer or whatever kind of artist that you are. Yes, it will take practice and commitment. A dash of discipline. But don’t despair. Act. Do just a little bit today and build on that tomorrow.

You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish over time. Start a blog if you’re a writer. There’s no excuse not to. Money is not a problem. You can blog for free. Have an idea? Draft a post. Edit, publish, repeat.

It’s a lie that you have to wait until you’re ready.

Yes, hone your voice, but practice in public, as Jeff Goins advocates. Put something out there. Show what you can offer the world. Let someone resonate with it. Let yourself know and be known.

“It is time to destroy the myth of the artist. We are all artists.” — Paul Williams, from Das Energi

It’s not somebody else’s canvas, not somebody else’s domain to be great. You be great. Not later, be great right now. You were born beautiful.

Shine. Try. Do. Do be do be do. Until you’re done. Because one day we’re all going to die. There’s that saying that we’re not assured of tomorrow. Well, we’re not. Let’s live our lives fully.

“The glory of God is man fully alive.”

I ask you, if you are fully alive, do you wave hi?

Yes, you do, you wave hi to life. You wave hi to life every day you’re alive. We owe it to everyone who has come before us to give our best selves to the world.

Have you had supportive parents, an encouraging teacher? Did somebody tell you that you were a good writer? How did that feel? Did somebody listen to you rave on about something heartfelt to you? Did you feel heard?

Here’s what you do: You keep it up. You keep using the voice that you have, and you encourage others to hone the voice that they have. You pass it on. You engage.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.…” -Teddy Roosevelt

Pay no attention to critics. Align with those who share your values, who share your enthusiasm. Entheos is the root word of enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is related to inspiration, passion and energy. It is of God. Your excitement about creativity is worthy.

If you have breath, if you have a heart, throw your hand in the air. Wave hi to life.

Connect with people of like mind. Step toward what you love. You are that. Hear me, you are that. You are what you love. Do it now.

The trouble is, we think we have time. Did you know that right now, you’re both younger than you’ll ever be and older than you’ve ever been? None of that matters. Just be comfortable in your own skin. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Choose life.

Life is waving hi to you. Wave hi to life!

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Wave Hi to Life

Life is waving hi to you. Wave hi to life!

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