If You Don’t Know What’s Om Telolet Om..

Om Telolet Om

What is om telolet om you might ask,

Om is uncle a.k.a the bus driver and telolet is the sound that the bus horn makes.

So besically “om telolet om” is when somebody asks the driver to turn on the horn.

If they do it say “makasih om” or in english “thank you om (driver)”, if the driver didn’t telolet us we booed them.

Why is everyone keep spamming on celebrities or any account with “om telolet om”?

Because we indonesian are very low taste at comedy, it is not funny. But for us, it’s REALLY, REALLY, FUNNY.

Source : http://www.waveofweekend.com/@pemujakerangajaib/article/if-you-don-t-know-what-s-om-telolet-om

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