Spotlight: FORM Releases Community Compilation Album for Charity

Noah Weidner
Apr 18, 2019 · 5 min read
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A year ago, a handful of friends got together and decided to build an all-inclusive creative community for visual artists, musicians, photographers, developers, writers, and creatives from all disciplines. From this idea to unify creatives in a single community came FORM — a scrappy, but quaint Discord community. “It started when a bunch of us got together and decided to build a community for artists of all kinds to share and improve their work,” FORM co-founder Nes said. “The goal was always to help people do more good.”

Within weeks of opening, FORM built a community of several hundred artists exclusively through word-of-mouth and the posting of Discord invites in the #promotion channels of alike communities. In the year since then, however, the once scrappy community has panned out a successful brand surrounding their vision to empower and unify creatives to do what they do best — make great art.

In August 2018, FORM community musicians convened to publish their first curated compilation album — All Nighter Vol. 1. Community compilations are by no means novel, but what made the first volume of All Nighter particularly novel was its crack cast of musicians… among which were talents such as Knapsack, Jupe, Circuit Hour, and underscores. On top of this, the record had an intriguing premise: you have only twenty-four hours to produce your track, and when it’s done? All of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

“All Nighter came about in the beginning when Ari [one of the co-founders] came to us with the idea of a compilation album,” said Nes. “She was particularly inspired by compilation albums like the ones made in the My Little Pony community if I recall properly.”

The first record was massively successful for the small community, raising $200 for Mermaids UK, a charity which supports transgender youth in the UK.

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Months later, FORM has evolved and grown from its first album and its followup community EP, Afterparty. With over eight-hundred creatives in all disciplines — a large sum of those creatives musicians — the community has weathered change and began to embrace a larger sense of purpose. Amidst this transition came the announcement that FORM would host a followup to their critically acclaimed All Nighter community album, All Nighter Vol. 2.

A Q&A With the Organizers of All Nighter Vol. 2, The Charity Album from FORM

Tell me about All Nighter Vol. 2.

TAKASHI, FORM moderator: All Nighter is the flagship showcase of what individual artists can do and what FORM can do as a community. The first compilation was so successful because of all the work that all the artists involved poured into it. This time around, we were going to take it to the next level with more songs, more musicians, and more visual artists. We also added another element by having a Fantasy Smash tournament and livestream which ran throughout the duration of the challenge. Ultimately, we just continue to find ways to push our creativity further and find new ways to raise money for important causes.

What does planning an event like this look like and how do you make the big decisions?

Nes, FORM founder: We decide charities purely on things that mean something to us. For All Nighter Vol. 2, [FORM moderator] Nocollide says they spent a lot of their childhood at the Boys and Girls Club of America and it seemed like something we wanted to get back to.

After making that decision, we collected submissions to participate through a Google Form which was pretty efficient and we got something like 80 submissions which was big increase from the first record.

In short, the planning is hectic. In all honesty, we’re just a bunch of kids trying to have fun doing the things we love for a good cause so it can only be expected that things can be a little disorganized. We always pull through though and I’m super proud of all the work the team has done to make this possible.

How did it feel when the time was up? What did you do after?

Major, FORM founder: After the time was up, Ari [another FORM mod] nearly died for about 2 hours trying to get everything sorted as quickly as possible — normalising all the songs, uploading the album, adding metadata, finding everyone’s social links, etc. The process took a little longer than we would’ve liked (we had almost double the amount of songs than the first All Nighter!) but everyone was understanding and waited until we could unveil and have a nice listening party. And then we told everyone who literally hadn’t slept for the whole 24 hours to go to bed.

Takashi, FORM mod: You know when Kid Cudi says “beautiful madness” on Kids See Ghosts? That.

Nes, FORM founder: Hearing it all come together is such an inspiring moment and I don’t think I would trade a feeling like that for anything.

When the dust settled and the record was complete, it was published to Bandcamp among other retailers where it generated $308 for charity in the first twenty-four hours of being live. To date, it has now raised over $1,000.

\Weeks later, FORM released an EP featuring remixes of All Nighter Vol. 2 songs — all remixes, of course, adding to those charitable donations. The remixes were chosen from a community contest held in March where artists could submit their remix of one of two prominent tracks from the followup record.

As for the future? FORM insists that more events are coming. Not just for musicians, but for other creative disciplines as well.

“I’ve been around since day one of FORM and its a really fantastic space for artistry,” FORM mod Takashi said. FORM mod Major added that “big things are on the horizon,” suggesting that we drop a shameless plug to the FORM discord for those who want to stay up-to-date on the exciting things. It’s a plug which we have arranged below so that you can follow FORM’s effects on and other platforms.

Listen to All Nighter Vol. 2: Play | Fanlink
Listen to All Nighter Vol. 2 Remixes: | Fanlink
Follow FORM: Discord | | Twitter | Instagram

We hope you enjoyed our first community spotlight! We’re always looking for exciting efforts being undertaken by members of the community, so we hope you’ll submit some of your work to us or share what you’re up to! Submit your latest by tweeting at us (@waveac, #waveac), throwing (face)books at our face, or joining us on Discord! team (Noah, Kian, Jeremy, and Noah)
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