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Waves Enterprise DAO MVP is released

The freshly released MVP of the Waves Enterprise DAO offers basic DAO functionality. You can make proposals, review their smart contracts in the explorer and vote for or against the proposals with your WEST tokens. Reviewing proposals is available without login, but to make one or vote, you have to enter your Waves Enterprise wallet either with your seed phrase or your Waves Enterprise Wallet extension, for better security.

Before voting, all the proposals are reviewed by moderators from the Governing Council (Tokenomika, Waves Labs, Waves Association as yet). Currently, all the proposals are to be discussed in the Waves Enterprise telegram group; later we’ll probably create other community channels strictly for the DAO needs.

LWEST and GWEST tokens are on the way to fuel the Waves Enterprise DAO, and they will be issued till the end of 2022. Until then, GWEST governing functionality is provided with WEST tokens. Also, future releases will include mechanisms of automatic proposal execution. Right now we are launching the DAO in silent mode; consider it as a pilot for our dear community!

You can access the new DAO by clicking the button in the header at westdao.org.

Check out the final concept of the Waves Enterprise DAO in the white paper. Feel free to ask questions in the chat or even make your own proposals — we are open for your bright ideas!

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