Waves Enterprise platform was updated to 1.12.2

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2 min readMar 17, 2023


We are glad to announce the next update of Waves Enterprise platform — 1.12.2. The big thing of this update is full support of atomic transactions, a very useful feature for various enterprise projects.

Atomic Transactions

Briefly speaking, an atomic transaction is a container for other transactions. There are many cases in real business logic, when doing a number of transactions makes sense only as a whole. For example, you create a smart contract to register a new contract party, and then send it your contract privacy policy. If you fail to register, there will be no one to send the policy to. And if you fail to send the policy, the new contract party won’t function within your smart contract as it should.

In previous updates we could combine certain transactions as an atomic one, and in 1.12.2 we expanded this feature to all the transaction types supported by the platform. Whether any of the included transactions fails, the whole atomic transaction will be rolled back.

Other Changes

What else is worth mentioning in the 1.12.2 update?

  • The application privacy policy was improved.
  • Some GET-responses got corrected.
  • Minor logging and swagger fixes were made.

More information about these and other updates will be available in the platform documentation.

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