HOLDVEST to launch pre-sale for ‘universal crypto gateway’ with airdrop to WAVES holders

The new type of exchange will be powered by the Waves HDL token, which will be used to pay fees for every operation on the site.

HOLDVEST, a powerful new trading portal that brings a suite of much-needed functionality to the cryptocurrency markets, will launch its pre-sale on 8 May — marking the occasion with an airdrop of HDL tokens to every WAVES holder. This will be followed by further airdrops in the course of the pre-ICO, distributing a total of 1% of all HDL tokens to the community. The pre-sale will end on 7 June or when the $5 million hard cap has been reached.

HOLDVEST will use Waves’ infrastructure and token facilities — additionally aiming to leverage upcoming functionality such as smart contracts and atomic swaps. One of the project’s advisors, Alexey Koloskov, who designed and coded the Waves DEX, talks about the project:

‘The proliferation of crypto exchanges means that order books are fragmented and liquidity often poor, whilst few of the advanced products enjoyed by those who use shares or forex trading platforms are available. HOLDVEST will bring crypto trading into line with mainstream standards, offering access to every market and many tools from a single portal. The Waves platform is the natural choice for this project for a whole raft of reasons, including its powerful but straightforward token operations, emphasis on great user experience and incredible scalability. There is no other blockchain that is fit for purpose.’
— Alexey Koloskov, lead Waves DEX developer

Liquidity aggregator

The core of the HOLDVEST platform is its liquidity aggregator: an engine that hooks into many different crypto exchanges and splits customer orders between them. This has the effect of combining order books from all of them, thereby accessing their collective liquidity and ensuring that traders always gain the best price and lowest fees.

HOLDVEST therefore combines the best features of a brokerage, exchange and instant trading app. Whilst versions of such engines already exist, like ShapeShift, HOLDVEST’s will not only offer many more coins but will be integrated with a traditional trading interface. Users will only need to sign up with HOLDVEST, rather than go through registration and KYC with many different exchanges. Once purchased, coins can be held within the user’s HOLDVEST wallet or immediately withdrawn to an external address for ultimate security.

Crypto index funds

One of the most popular products on the traditional markets are index funds, which allow investors to buy or sell many different shares at the same time and easily diversify their portfolios. Few if any ETFs or tracker funds are available for crypto. HOLDVEST will allow users to trade a series of flagship funds — e.g. Top 10 coins; Privacy coins; Top 5 Ethereum tokens — as well as to design their own index funds according to their own criteria and risk profiles. Like other coins, these funds can be traded in one click on the platform. Users can even make money from successful index funds by allowing others to use their strategies. Waves is again ideal for this use case, since it is so easy and low-cost to create new tokens for different funds.


A third major strand of the platform will be its token sale functionality. Most exchanges do not allow users to withdraw coins to token sales. HOLDVEST will enable participation in all major token sales requested by its users, delivering tokens directly into their wallets and enabling them to trade them immediately on supporting exchanges or on HOLDVEST’s own internal decentralised exchange.

Moreover, it will be possible for users to launch their own ICOs, initially using the Waves or Ethereum blockchains. The platform will take care of the technical overheads of depositing funds securely and creating and distributing tokens, allowing issuers to focus on development and outreach to the community.

HDL token

Like other exchanges, every operation on the HOLDVEST platform will entail small fees. The HDL token will be the native currency for these payments, and will offer users discounted rates. Where users wish to pay in another currency, the fees will immediately be converted to HDL using the platform’s own liquidity aggregator. Half of all HDL collected in this way, whether directly or indirectly, will be burned. This will place constant buy pressure on the token, whilst reducing supply over time.

HOLDVEST’s pre-ICO and the series of HDL token airdrops to WAVES holders will start on 8 May. Pre-sale investors will receive a 35% bonus. The pre-sale will last one month, ending on 7 June, with a hard cap of $5 million. If necessary, the main token sale will be held later in June. The project has a minimum target of $500,000.

To sign up and use the beta portal, visit www.HOLDVEST.com.