Second Batch of Waves Labs Grants Disbursed

Vitaliy Tsigulev
Apr 4, 2019 · 6 min read

We are thrilled to announce the second batch of projects to be supported under our Waves Grants program.

At Waves Labs, we are eager to support as many Waves-based projects as we can. Since the start of our grant program, we have received more than 100 applications. You can learn how the grant program works in detail in this article.

We are currently working on raising the number and size of issued grants. In the meantime, we’d like to remind readers that the same project can be eligible for more than one grant, covering either the development of several applications or various stages in developing the same project. So, projects that have been selected for the first two batches of grants can again receive support in the future.

Our ultimate goal is to build out a sustainable ecosystem of working businesses and top-quality products on Waves. We are therefore committed to supporting the best projects in all stages of their development.

The second batch of grants, with a total value of 24,300 WAVES, will be disbursed to 10 projects. Find out more about them below!

Recipient: Chainify

Grant amount: 3,500 WAVES

The grant is awarded for the development of a trustless messaging service. An outgoing message is saved in IPFS, and its hash is saved in a special transaction on the blockchain. Each message is encrypted with the use of the recipient’s public key and is decrypted with Waves Keeper. Unlike most popular messaging services, the protocol is totally decentralized, ruling out access by unauthorised parties.

We are issuing a grant to Chainify as we believe that various messengers and analogues of email protocols, based on cryptography and decentralised technologies, are a vital part of the Waves ecosystem.

Recipient: MaDaMa Labs

Grant amount: 2,000 WAVES

MaDaMa Labs, which is already known as a contributor to the Waves ecosystem, will collect a grant for maintenance of the project One Million Pixel Waves and the development of a new decentralised gaming app. The dApp will be based on Waves’ smart contract language, RIDE, and a smart contract will make sure that access to the jackpot will be open only to the winner.

dApps powered by Waves smart contracts are one of the main focus areas for Waves Labs team. We consider them to be crucial for the development of the entire ecosystem, and we are always prepared to support the development of appropriate projects in this area.

Recipient: Deponent

Grant amount: 1,000 WAVES

Deponent is a blockchain-based solution for copyright protection, which allows rights holders to enter information about objects of intellectual property they have created into an immutable public registry. The grant will be used for the development of two new features — a service for signing contracts on acquisition of intellectual rights and an escrow service for agreements on creating intellectual property.

We are convinced that protection of intellectual property is one of the most natural and sought-after use cases for blockchain adoption, and so believe that supporting projects like this is vital.

Recipient: Artem Badrtdinov (@bodrych)

Grant amount: 1,000 WAVES

The developer is working on a web interface for administering white lists under the regulated tokens use case suggested by Waves Labs. The web interface will facilitate the creation of a smart asset that can be traded by or sent to whitelisted addresses only.

In addition to the web interface, the developer will share detailed manuals for issuing regulated tokens over IDE and API and deploying the web interface for managing the white list. This will significantly simplify the process of issuing regulated tokens for regular users.

As the crypto space is becoming more regulated, we believe that tools like this are likely to be especially useful.

Recipient: BestRate

Grant amount: 5,000 WAVES

BestRate is a B2B platform which provides fiat and crypto processing gateways for fast integration of crypto payments into online services. The grant will be spent on integration of Waves into plugins to accept crypto payments, which BestRate is building for major e-commerce platforms Shopify and Woo Commerce. BestRate will implement full support for Waves, including tracing transactions, sending tokens from wallets and setting currency conversion in WAVES.

BestRate is a working business with a large number of users. We consider participation of established businesses and companies interested in integration with Waves in the grant program to be vital. This facilitates spreading Waves technologies and making them more convenient for users.

Recipient: MyWish

Grant amount: 5,000 WAVES

MyWish is a platform that allows any user to issue smart contracts using a library of templates. The service, which also helps users to test and deploy smart contracts, runs a vast library of smart contract templates for various platforms and is adding Waves’ smart contracts.

The grant will go towards the development of a template for Waves smart contracts and implementation of STOs, allowing users to set a number of variables, including white list, soft cap, hard cap, start and finish date and more.

This project is important because it will allow many people to create a smart contract for a regulated token offering, also introducing existing MyWish users to Waves technology.

Recipient: Ventuary

Grant amount: 2,000 WAVES

The grant will be spent on the introduction of the Token Curated Registry (TCR) concept to Ventuary, a working decentralised ratings platform and loyalty program for the conference and meetup segment. The Token Curated Registry will allow users to provide legitimate ratings for meetups and conferences, ruling out any manipulation. Waves Community Token (WCT) will be the system’s main token, and Waves Keeper will be used for signing in. In addition, Waves Wallets will be created for all users to collect tokens earned in the loyalty program.

This will be the first Waves-based project to employ the Token Curated Registry concept, making the conference and meetup segment more transparent and fair. In our opinion, projects of this kind showcase the potential of blockchain technology for improving the operation of day-to-day tools, such as ratings platforms.

Recipient: SIGN

Grant amount: 2,000 WAVES

The grant is awarded for further development of an already existing solution, SIGN Wallet, including launch on MainNet and addition of new functionality. As well as some standard features, the wallet’s current version supports certification of files and documents of any types and sizes.

As a result of the grant’s disbursal, a protected email service will be added to the wallet, allowing users to send email directly from the SIGN Wallet and verify authenticity of messages. In addition, contracting parties will be able to record details of deals to the blockchain.

However, this will be just the first step in the wallet’s development. SIGN plans to increase functionality, multisignature for deals and a messaging tool, which will be fully decentralised, with a Waves wallet’s public key as the identifier.

The decision to issue a grant to the developer of SIGN Wallet is based on our belief that custom wallets are an integral part of the Waves ecosystem since they facilitate the creation of user interfaces for communication with the blockchain in various areas, improving user experience.

Recipient: Nick Kozlov

Grant amount: 1,300 WAVES

The grant will be disbursed for research into the architecture of existing sidechains. The research is expected to produce a document describing the operation of existing sidechains in the form of a presentation for the Waves community and developers. Based on this document, a decision regarding the architecture of Waves sidechains will be made.

Recipient: Digilira

Grant amount: 1,500 WAVES

The grant will be used for further development of the existing payment solution Digilira Pay, aimed at merchants willing to accept crypto payments. A merchant will be able to integrate a script into their website and set prices for products in any currency. In turn, buyers will be able to pay in WAVES or any Waves tokens including Fiat tokens like EUR, USD and TRY, with payments confirmed with Waves Keeper or made via QR code.

The payment system works with Waves Data Transactions and no any other database is needed besides Waves Blockchain. This makes payment system decentealised. You can reach payment system from GitHub.

Serkan Bayar is an established professional in the field of crypto-based payment solutions. Within the framework of this grant, he has shared some important solutions as open source code to be used by the community. As the service develops, Serkan and his team will share more code.

We are gradually approaching the era of dApps, but for now, payments remain one of the major areas for crypto application. This grant will facilitate the simple and efficient creation of payments systems based on Waves.

We would like to thank all the applicants for Waves Grants. Considering applications for Waves Grants is a continuous process, and we are now starting to work on the third batch of grants.

Due to the high interest in our grant program, we can’t always immediately reply to all applicants. Please be patient, and you will hear from us soon.

You can learn more about our grants program here and find the application form here.

We look forward to your applications!

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