Waves Grants: New Successes

Vitaliy Tsigulev
Jul 18, 2019 · 7 min read
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We are thrilled to share with you successful new solutions developed by the participants of the program.

Recently, we made our fourth of grant recipients under our program for supporting blockchain developers, . Throughout the several months of its existence, the program has proven both popular and effective. The first grant recipients showed excellent . A number of tools and projects based on technologies were . Now, it’s time to share some new successes of the grant program.

So far, more than 20 teams and individual developers have received financial support. A total of 31 grants with a combined value of 81,000 WAVES has been released. We are pleased to receive new grant applications on a daily basis. And although we can’t always immediately reply to all applicants, not a single application is ignored.

In the meantime, we suggest looking at some of the already completed solutions built with funding from the program.

Among the recipients of funding under the of grants was Bettex, a decentralised betting exchange based on the Waves blockchain. The team collected funding to develop a multi-level decentralised affiliate program and is now ready to reveal the results of its work.

This dApp for affiliate programs is a template for projects that include affiliates as part of their functionality. Code can be used as a template for copy, or as a library, or as a set of ideas for tech implementation.

It works like a regular affiliate system that implements registration with the referrer, multi-level accrual of referral fees and motivation for registration in the system (such as cashback). It’s a pure dApp, since the web app interacts directly with the blockchain without having its own backend, database, etc.

Code for a multi-level decentralised affiliate program is available on GitHub:

A detailed technical description is available .

BestRate is a crypto gateway and trading solution. The goal was to develop crypto plugins for the WooCommerce and Magento CMS platforms, so online businesses and retail operators could accept payments in over 120 different crypto currencies and get paid in WAVES. This was successfully achieved.

If you run an internet store or some other online business and use WooCommerce and Magento as CMS platforms, you can easily start accepting crypto payments.

The architecture of the solution provides seamless integration: you just need to download and activate the plugin using the API keys provided by BestRate. You can also use one of the top crypto exchanges integrated with BestRate: Binance, Bitfinex, BitFlyer, Coinbase, Gemini, itBit or Kraken. In that case, you’ll get a transparent history of operations and the abiility to withdraw collected crypto payments to your bank account using the crypto exchange directly. To get an idea of withdrawal fees, you can check out the fees charged and from the BestRate team.

To start using crypto payment plugins, please follow these links: , .

BestRate also has a product to integrate various crypto exchange accounts into one trading terminal. Analyze prices, monitor your aggregated portfolio and perform operations using crypto bots from one single interface using functionality.

If you’re a blogger or freelancer and don’t have a CMS platform, you can use functionality to collect crypto payments for your work or content. You can list your products or services using BestRate Business Payout or simply from your friends and family. You can create your own hosted page and simply put it in your social profile to automate payment processing.

To start using the service, please register with BestRate and use the ‘BestRateWaves’ promo code to get a 20% discount on all services with 30-day free trial. All WAVES transactions are performed without any fees from the service.

MyWish is a platform for issuing smart contracts. It enables any user to create a smart contract using a library template and customise it to their needs. No coding skills are required. The service facilitates creating, testing and deploying smart contracts. A suite of smart contract templates has already been created on the platform, and now Waves smart contracts will be added.

The grant was disbursed for the development of a smart contract template for an STO on Waves, enabling the setting up of various parameters, such as white list, soft cap, hard cap, start and finish dates.

The project has been implemented on Waves’ testnet and will be published on the mainnet shortly.

The platform’s services will be free for the first 30 days.

A grant was issued to finance improvements of the MVP of the Trustamust Verification Center service.

TrustAmust Verification Center is an online service designed to verify assets created on the Waves Platform. Assets are verified based on community votes. Only WCT token holders can participate in voting for assets. The number of WCT in the voting address affects the weight of the vote throughout the voting period.

To vote on the service, a TrustAmust user should:

  • Choose a project from the list on the .
  • Click ‘Vote’.
  • Confirm their action using Waves Keeper.
  • To maintain the weight of the vote, do not move your WCT from the voting wallet until the end of the voting period.

To achieve verification on the TrustAmust service, an asset needs to reach a required level of one-time support from community members. This level of support is determined by the service on the basis of rank. To be eligible for verification, an asset needs to receive a rank of at least 100.

Participation is free for both projects and users.

The Chainify team collected a grant for the development of , a secure messenger service.

Built on the with , Nolik is open-source. Communication is executed by sending encrypted messages attached to transactions. Each message is encrypted with the recipient’s public key and is decrypted with Waves Keeper.

Unlike some popular messengers that use end-to-end encryption, the protocol stipulates a complete absence of centralised solutions, ruling out the possibility of any unauthorised party gaining access to message exchange.

A detailed description of the messenger is available .

Source code on GitHub:

is a multi-functional custom wallet that enables file certification. The app’s current version supports certification of documents of basically all sizes and formats (Word, PDF, jpg etc.), as well as some standard wallet features. Authentication in the app is conducted using Waves Keeper.

The Waves grant, released to the developer, sped up the process of the app’s mainnet launch and addition of new functionality. Specifically, functionality for sending certified emails was added (currently being on ), as well as a wallet customisation service, .

Recently, the project more Waves funding as part of the fourth batch of grants. The new funding will be spent on the project’s further development, including the unification of two apps, and , into one application with wider functionality. This will make the wallet faster and more convenient. Later, the developer will be able to focus on adding new functionality.

Waves World (WW) is an incentive-based ecosystem. As part of the of grants, the project received financial support for research into loyalty programs under a relevant . The result of the research is a describing the structure of existing loyalty programs, a concept for building a competitive loyalty program based on Waves World Token, and a mechanism that other projects can use for creating their own loyalty programs.

Meanwhile, the team is actively working on further development of the project. The most recent updates from the Waves World team are:

  • New WW Referral Bot campaign. Waves World conducted a massive airdrop and attracted 4,818 new registered users to WW Telegram channel.
  • New WW Marketplace Affiliate Program. Users registered on the Waves World marketplace can access a link in their profile to earn 10% of profits on all sales from their link, paid in WW tokens.
  • Incent promotion campaign. WW supported a publicity campaign for Incent Loyalty.
    They created a Twitter contest to promote Incent Loyalty Token. To date, the tweet has gained more than 100,000 unique impressions.
  • New marketplace items. WW added a personalisation feature to the marketplace. All new items added can be personalised on-site by users. New Sticker Sets for Bitcoin and Waves are available, with more to come.
  • Russian Language Telegram Group was added in May 2019 is very active: it has gained over 500 members in a very short time.
  • Revision. WW has updated and completely revised the white paper with all the most recent developments.

WavesGo Education Fund aims to provide financial support for the most active community members who help to grow the Waves ecosystem by publishing useful educational materials, such as manuals, videos and tutorials. Under of funding, the project collected a grant for the development of the content creator support fund. The fund continues to operate and recently the launch of a weekly series of tutorials explaining simple programming tasks on the Waves blockchain with the help of Google Blockly. To date, 6 episodes have been released as part of the series:

To learn more about the Waves Grants program or apply, visit .

We would also like to remind you that we recently a new, larger-scale initiative aimed at supporting Waves-based solutions, .

Waves Incubator provides support to projects developed over a period of up to one year. Since Waves Incubator’s focus is on larger-scale projects, it releases larger grants of up to 100,000 WAVES per project. Finally, in addition to funding, Waves Incubator provides technical assistance from the Waves team under the supervision of the Developer Relations department, as well as marketing and PR support. A special focus is on building dApps in the programming language.

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