Waves Labs Announces First Grant Recipients

Vitaliy Tsigulev
Feb 7 · 4 min read

We are pleased to announce the first recipients of funding under our Waves Grants program.

At Waves Labs, we are committed to doing whatever we can to foster the growth of our ecosystem and the development of the Waves community. Since we announced our grant program, we have received more than 50 applications.

We are still in the process of reviewing applications and haven’t yet had the chance to reply to everyone. But we have already selected the first batch of grant recipients, which we are excited to announce!

Grant amount: 3,000 WAVES

Tumblex anonymises transactions by swapping a user’s WAVES tokens with tokens from the Tumblex pool. As users are paid out in mixed WAVES from the pool, the received tokens have no connection to users’ original addresses.

The grant will be spent on boosting Tumblex’s working capital to increase the maximum transaction size and throughput of the service. We believe that anonymising transactions is an important right for every participant in a public blockchain. Therefore, we support Tumblex and call on developers to create more products in the fields of anonymisation, security and personal data management.

Grant amount: 2,000 WAVES

The grant will be used for the development of a verifiable elliptic curve random oracle for Waves Platform, based on Curve25519. As a result of this grant’s execution, users will get a simple and convenient tool for random number generation. Conveniently, all interaction can occur from the standard client.

Oracles are an important part of smart contract operation as they provide necessary data from outside sources for the execution of smart contracts. Without oracles, the capacity of smart contracts would be substantially limited. We therefore believe that developing this field is vital.

Grant amount: 865 WAVES

The grant is awarded for the development of a widget constructor that can be embedded on websites selling various products. The widget, developed under the payment solutions use case suggested by Waves Labs, will convert a product’s price from fiat to supported tokens and allow users to buy products at the calculated token price, generating a transfer transaction to be signed with Waves Keeper.

The widget will come in the form of a javascript file that can be hosted either by the owner of an online store or on any server the owner trusts. We believe this use case is important as it will facilitate fast and easy setting of payments using Waves on various websites.

Grant amount: 1,000 WAVES

The grant will be used for maintenance and development of an already existing solution, Centaur Oracle. Based on the RSA algorithm, Centaur Oracle is a backend application that communicates with a blockchain. After every 30 blocks, the oracle records a pseudorandom number to the Waves blockchain that depends on its height.

The availability of two random number oracles, this one and Dmitry Pichulin’s solution, will be positive since it will ensure diversity and greater security.

Grant amount: 3,000 WAVES

WavesGo Education Fund aims to provide financial support for the most active community members who help to grow the Waves ecosystem by publishing useful educational materials, such as manuals, videos and tutorials. The fund is already active and has supported some providers of educational content.

The grant will be spent on supporting the project and improving the fund’s financial resources. The grant will be distributed among authors of valuable content, incentivising them to create new educational materials. As a result, Waves’ knowledge base will grow, while the authors will be remunerated for their work.

Grant amount: 2,800 WAVES

TrustAmust is a blockchain incubator for promising business ideas. The grant is awarded to improve the project’s MVP. As a result of the grant’s disbursal, a voting system will be created in which any Waves Community Token (WCT) holder will be able to vote with their stake via Waves Keeper authorisation, for an active project on Waves Platform. Projects will be rated by the size of the WCT stake voting for them. Based on that rating, projects will be assigned a status or qualification level over the Waves Asset Verification Protocol. Thus in addition to the rating, a decentralised association will be created with statuses set by WCT voting.

We consider this project important as it will incentivise the community to participate in projects’ activities and provide an example of voting on Waves, while also offering new options for using WCT.

Grant amount: 2,500 WAVES

Waves World is an incentives-based ecosystem. Waves World (WW) token is a reward distributed in return for valuable contributions to the community or for leasing WAVES to the Waves World node. Reward tokens can be spent in the Waves World Marketplace, which offers a variety of blockchain-related products and services.

The grant is awarded under the Loyalty Program use case. Based on the outcome of the research, the project’s team will present a document describing the structure of existing loyalty programs and a concept for building a competitive loyalty program based on WW tokens, outlining a mechanism that other projects can use for the creation of their own loyalty programs.

Grant amount: 1,500 WAVES

The grant will be spent on the maintenance and development of WavesMania, an existing project built around the Waves ecosystem, and on the maintenance of WavesMania node. Information on Waves-based projects is aggregated on the WavesMania website, and trading games based on DEX prices are created. We believe it is vital to support projects like this, which are based around Waves’ ecosystem and grassroots community.

We would like to thank all the applicants for Waves Grants. We are currently working on the next batch of grants, and we will announce the recipients shortly. You can learn more about our grants program here and find the application form here.

Waves Labs

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on decentralized technologies leading to Web 3.0

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Waves Labs

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on decentralized technologies leading to Web 3.0