Waves Labs Relaunches with Grant Program Announcement

Vitaliy Tsigulev
Jan 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Waves Labs, previously focused on supporting ICO projects, is relaunching as an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups building on decentralised technologies.

Waves Labs was originally launched to help highly promising projects prepare for token sale. For a number of carefully-selected projects, Waves Labs ran a tailored ICO incubation program.

That strategy was completely in line with the way the crypto space was developing at the time, with ICOs at the peak of their popularity. We ran a number of major crowd sales and Waves ended up in solid second place as a token issuance platform, behind only Ethereum in the number of ICOs and tokens launched.

Thanks to those activities, we were able to attract a large number of projects and users to the platform, earned substantial media coverage and significantly raised the Waves platform’s popularity.

Now, Waves Labs is shifting its focus to special initiatives aimed at helping as many Waves-based projects as possible. Our goal is to support talented developers and promising startups focused on building the decentralised technologies that will form the backbone for Web 3.0.

Waves Grants will debut as a relaunch of Waves Labs’ initial vision. The grant program is aimed at startups and individual developers interested in building new products based on Waves technologies. By facilitating development of solutions built on Waves, we also aim to promote mass adoption of blockchain on a global scale.

Decisions concerning grant recipients will be made by a committee within Waves, which will feature representatives of the company’s various divisions. 1 million WAVES will be earmarked for the program, which is carried out in collaboration with Waves’ Developer Relations Department.

Waves Labs will be aiming to make the grant issue process as transparent as possible. We will publish regular updates about grant recipients and the selection process.

Individual developers and teams are welcome to apply for grants to work on one of the use cases suggested by Waves Labs, or suggest their own ideas related to Waves technologies and products.

Waves Labs’ suggested use cases include solutions for crypto and token payments, regulated tokens, escrow payment solutions and research into the application of Waves products for conventional loyalty programs.

This list will be constantly updated, including suggestions from the community. To learn more about Waves Grants program and apply, visit https://waveslabs.com/grants.html

Waves Labs

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented…

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