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Celebrating 6 Months of Waves Duck Game with $800 Giveaway

Six months since launch, the Waves ducks game has had several game rounds, contests and numerous activities causing it to grow so much its Egg price, community and social presence across the NFT GameFi space. Ducks have been hatching, breeding and laying eggs for their owners while rewarding community members participating in different game rounds.

Today, the Waves Ducks game have grown in fun, EGG price, community, activity and market capitalization.

On April 16 2021, the Duck Egg price was $27.8 but as of the time of writing this post, Duck Egg price = $1,577

First of all, we say big congratulations to everyone who have joined to spread the word about the Waves Ducks game, participated in-game and contest. It was super fun, and it just got started!

Today is 6 months birthday of waves ducks!

How it started

After a month of launching the Waves Duck game, DIP: Duck Improvement Proposal were introduced

May 20 2021, The NFT duck incubator was launched to let the community swap their Eggs for Genesis ducks via wavesducks.com with 2,000 ducks issued over the first 4 days.

Later on, May 24 Breeding functionality was released to let the community breed 2 Genesis Ducks and get a unique NFT digital duck.

Duck Improvement Proposal: NFT Farming with 300%+ APY

NFT marketplace is launched within the Waves Ducks game

Eggnomics: The future of the EGG token — a detailed article that explains the EGG token’s mechanics in the Waves Ducks game, complementing the Duck Paper and sealing its status as a GRU (Governance, Reward and Utility) token with a deflationary model.

The Waves Ducks universe welcomes NFT farming, enabling players to use NFT ducks for collecting passive income. This tool will be especially attractive for the earliest farmers who will be able to get the highest APY.

DIP-3: New duck powers — a proposal aimed at increasing the uniqueness of each character in the game, broadening ducks’ functionality and limiting the reproduction of each gene.

A referral program is launched as a major step towards Waves Ducks’ mass adoption.

New feature: NFT ducks achievements, unique achievements make ducks more precious.

DIP-3 Activation: DIP-3 came with new rebirth mechanics compared to what was described in the original DIP-3 plans. As a result, the rebirth conditions became more profitable; with an added nice bonus. Now Waves Duck game players can send any of their ducks to rebirth, so it will exit the game leaving a chance for one of the bonuses.

DIP-4: The Hero Path — To make the Waves duck game even more popular, Ducks Improvement Proposal 4 was introduced, which solves the two most important tasks with the game — lowers the barriers to entry and makes the whole world quack from duck and EGG capitalization.

DIP-4 v2: $GROW IT FREE — After the DIP-4 v2 update, players won’t need money to start their Waves duck adventure (apart from the smallest sums in $WAVES for blockchain commission). A new harvesting mechanics are introduced and a $GROW token for it!

Collective farms are launched — A new feature that lets NFT duck farmers unite to hatch, breed and get $EGG together with as little as 0.01 EGG. Everyone can now earn passive income

EGG Swapped: September 15 is an important day for Waves Ducks and EGG experienced a rebirth: the Waves ducks team launched a new EGG token, replacing the old one in all of the ecosystem’s products.

Duck Wars Alpha-Test is live

Clash of Farms and Duck Wars Alpha

AMA Session with communities (

Waves ducks game was promoted across different communities with amazing rewards distributed.

Waves Duck AMA at Waves Africa community (April 30): 100 Duck Egg Reward 😲

Waves ducks AMA session with Huobi Global: 0.2 EGG

Waves ducks AMA session with Waves Africa community (July 30)

Waves ducks AMA session with Binance Nigeria: $1,000 in EGG

Community contests

We had several contests in the community to grow Waves duck game adoption.

Duck drawing contest: 2.5 Egg + 1 Duck

Duck poem contest: $800

Favourite Dishes with Egg contest: $800

Waves duck African magic show: $800

Waves duck rap contest: $800

Waves duck dance contest: $800

Below are some featured works from this contest

Celebrate and win

We would be celebrating Waves ducks 5 months birthday with an awesome challenge. $800 reward for participants

How to win



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