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Neutrino Public Alpha Launch

We are pleased to announce that today we are launching the public alpha version of the Neutrino protocol and its stablecoin US Dollar implementation called USD-N. Official USD-N token is currently being reviewed on bettertokens.org. Many thanks to Waves community for their engagement and tests in the closed alpha version!

On alpha.neutrino.at, you can already get familiar with the following functionality:

2. Using Neutrino Dashboard, generate some USD-N by swapping it with WAVES and receive freshly minted USD-N coins into your Keeper account. Try now!

Neutrino dashboard

3. In order to buy Neutrino base tokens (NSBTs) and make profit after their liquidation, create an order in the Auction dashboard section. Try now!

You should wait for the correction of the WAVES price before the execution of this order is possible.

Auction dashboard

4. In order to receive income from staking Neutrinos, wrap it on a smart contract in the Staking dashboard section. Try now!

Staking dashboard

About a week later, you will receive payment on all USD-N which will have been in staking. You can withdraw the payout to your Waves Keeper in the Staking dashboard.

For all questions, bug reports or suggestions, please reach out to us in our Telegram group. Stay tuned for further releases!



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