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[Summary] Waves Duck AMA session with Huobi Nigeria

AMA was held on Jul September 7th 2021 at Huobi Nigeria Telegram community. AMA session kicked off by 8PM (WAT) and ended few minutes past 9:28 PM.

Kevin@Huobi (Huobi Nigeria Lead)
You are not banned. We’ve muted this group for the Waves AMA! 👏

Waves Africa Regional Leader Lucky Henry is present here with us and will be glad to answer questions here in this AMA session.

Order Of AMA Event :

1. Waves Africa Regional Leader Lucky Henry will give general Introduction of Waves platform,
Who are their market targets?
What are they currently working on?
Updates the community percentage of engagement of waves solution in targeted market in Africa?

2} Round Open for Question & Answer section with the Huobi Global Community members.
Group will be unmuted for for some seconds for everyone to send in their question, while Waves Rep will answer best questions within 20minutes in the round.

3. Quiz

4} Concluding Remarks And Announcement

Let’s Get Started…
Join Us….

Lets get started:

Question: Introduction of manager, the role in Waves.
Answer: Hello, Kevin

Am glad to be here and thanks for having me.

My name is Henry Chukwuka, i am founder of Muna app and Quru Lab and Africa regional lead at Waves.

i love tech and business side of it

2. Question: Could you share with us some important things you want us to know about Waves?

Answer: Waves is an all-encompassing ecosystem of innovative Web 3.0 technologies for every-day implementation and usage.

The main idea I’d like to remember after this AMA — try products in the Waves Ecosystem or try to build a product on top of the Waves Protocol (if you’re a developer).

You will find:

- decentralized exchange (really decentralized, but convenient and with orderbook)


– dapp for loans

– staking

– One of the most active and big algorithmic stablecoins (called Neutrino)

– Play-To-Earn game

What you’ll also find — one of the best user-experience for every product and tens of possible ways to invest and earn. And lots of more interesting things to try.

3. Question:
Oh, play-to-earn game sounds very cool, now a very popular topic! We know about your NFT game called Waves Ducks. Could you share with us some important things you want us to know about it?

Waves Ducks is a collectible play-to-earn NFT game.

During the game, the players use different game mechanics to earn in-game currency (eggs, or EGG tokens), used to buy NFT ducks — the main characters of the game. More ducks give more EGG income to buy even more ducks.

This is how a player develops its duck farm. NFT ducks are the main characters of the game, with unique looks and stats. Technically each of them is a unique non-fungible cryptographic token (NFT). This is how the collectible model works — every duck is unique and therefore it is a collectible.

4. Question
Could you tell us which core game roles exist in the game and which one participants can choose?

There are no roles in the game itself, all players are the same, but there are 3 different strategies on how to play, maximize your income now or earn 200–300% APY. Let me share 3 main strategies:

1) The very basic strategy is to take part in rounds, complete challenges in social channels and earn EGG tokens. For example the last challenge required 3 main steps:

– paint eggs in the Waves Ducks EGG colour

– Invite your friend for the skirmish and kick him with your eggs! He or she should do the same! None of you is to leave clean!

– share a video in TikTok

Earned tokens can be sold directly to other players with another strategy.

2) The second strategy is to get unique ducks by hatching and breeding them (every duck has its rarity) and sell those ducks on the marketplace. Who will buy those ducks? Users with the third strategy

3) You can put ducks to farming and reward EGG tokens. The higher rarity your duck has — the higher is reward. And some users go this way to earn more EGG tokens.

So we can say that there 3 main strategies:

1) Hunters

2) Duck Traders

3) Duck farmers

5. Question
Could you tell us more about new updates for the game? Why can people be interested in this game and not sell egg tokens?

Well, Waves Ducks is a game and lots of things happen there every week. We have a pretty solid roadmap and new mechanics we’re going to release.

For example, in the next couple weeks we will have Ducks Improvement Proposal #4 implemented. It will introduce a new type of ducks (called Baby Ducks) and new game mechanics with fights, mentorship and so on.

This is just one of the updates, we also will improve the referral program, add new ducks and so on. This is the game which ALWAYS improves and that’s why people not just invest their money, but spend lots of time playing and having fun!

6. Question
Where can we find more information about this game?

Here is the chat — https://t.me/duckshunters

Here is the website — http://wavesducks.com/

Medium — https://medium.com/wavesprotocol/wavesducks/home

Twitter — https://twitter.com/wavesducks

7. Question:
We are seeing a big volume of new DeFi projects released on a daily basis. What do you think would make WAVES stand out, and what’s your long-term plan?

I think this helps answer you question;
Also, Waves have been building and growing exponentially since 2016

8. Question:
Of course, every organization has experienced difficulties in a process and this can sometimes be a serious problem.
Has Waves Africa community experienced a period of serious distress since its establishment, and if so, can you describe the most serious troubled period?

well, none for now for us a community

We just need to do more in Africa to spread word about blockchain but somehow, there seems to be so much noise out there

9. Question:
What events or competitors pose a real/potential challenge to further adoption of Waves Enterprise technology?

Currently, we do not see competition but Waves already offers very unique solutions that makes blockchain accessible and usable to non tech people.

Anyone can create an asset on Waves with a UI

See this video for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWF7NYI-LZk&t=6s

10. Question:
Are you interested in NFT, can you tell us a bit about the Waves Ducks Hunters project?

Awesome question,

Waves Ducks is a game focused on collectible digital duck images in the NFT format.

You can collect ducks and share them with other players, as well as breed ducks to get a unique, highly valuable item.

11. Question:
Would there be A need for more team members and ambassadors?

What are your marketing strategies
How do you intend to make this project known?

currently, Waves duck game ha a huge community with over 30,000 members who are spreading word and inviting others to join, AMAs, Players are joining and several others too

12. Question:
Could you tell us which core game roles exist in the game and which one participants can choose?

First, people are interested in the game because they get rewarded playing it

Secondly, Waves Duck game has a unique feature, FARMING. You can farm your Waves DUCK and earn passive income.

13. Question:
Could you tell us more about new updates for the game? Why can people be interested in this game and not sell egg tokens?

Basically, I grow the African community, introduce others to Waves, Teach and support others that are building on Waves and help others know about Waves Duck and help them make some few BUCKS

Actually we have a Waves Duck Rap contest coming up soon and I made a video for it 😁

14. Question:
Adoption & Awareness about Platform is very important for any Creator as well as Users! So, What are your plans to attract More users as well as Creators with Non-crypto users too ?

One of the most interesting thing about Waves Duck Game is the rounds. . . you partake and earn FREE EGGs. We have had alot in the past with awesome reward for participants and like i Said, a Rap contest is coming next week monday

15. Question:
When is $Grow token launching on Wavesduck?

The What is the difference between baby duck and the current ducks on wavesduck?

$EGG remains the main in-game token, necessary for all the valuable items. Having a stable high exchange rate and small digit length, $EGG itself gets close to NFT, becoming a rare and valuable token. As for $GROW, it becomes a utility token and in the future will be used in governance.

16. Question:
Good admin and thank you Henry for coming around. These are my questions:

In this era of seeing multiple NFTs in the marketplace, what makes waves duck as an NFT different,

I want to believe in the sale of your duck to a user which I believe is happening on waves ecosystem, what will you say about the transaction fee and what amount is needed to start this game

Lastly, I will want to find out what’s the difference between the waves duck and EGG Token and what is the APY for farming and staking them?

Thank you

[In reply to Anointed Flourish]
Well, there are really few NFTs out there that is rewarding community like Waves Duck NFT game (THIS IS FACT)

There are weekly rounds with awesome rewards at @wavesafrica

Also, Waves Duck allows to earn passive income 🥳🤩🤩

Farm your Duck and earn FREE money

17. Question
1. Can i earn even without playing the waves game?
2. What can the eggs, or egg token be used for.
3. How do i own a duck farm.

1. You earn free EGGs by participating in game rounds/campaigns. Complete tiny social media tasks and you get free EGG

2. You can sell them and earn free money. You can trade them, you can farm them and earn even more money

3. You earn a DUCK by hatching it, see the process below:
To get a digital duck in exchange for EGGs, follow these steps:
Go to the Incubator section (https://wavesducks.com/incubator)
To start hatching, you need a sufficient number of EGGs and after hit the Hatch a duck button
Wait for 2 minutes for a duck to “pop out of the egg”
In the Duck Wallet section, you’ll see your new duck

18. Question:
I see JACKPOT DUCK is a very rare digital image which also have limited numbers, how do we differentiate a JACKPOT DUCK from REGULAR DUCK if all digital images are digital images of DUCK?

when you hatch an EGG into DUCK, it usually comes with a feature called rarity, its a measure of a DUCK’s uniquesness

A Jackpot duck is a duck with 100% rarity and offer the highest APY for farming.

19. Question
Waves duck egg trades only on one exchange
but with so much increase in price, what led to this? As many projects try to launch and trade on many exchanges

CUrrently, EGG trades on swop.fi and waves.exchange

you can sell and buy DUCK on secondary marketplace (https://wavesducks.com/marketplace)

you can also buy EGGs with credit card on waves.exchange

20. Question:
Can you share your Waves Africa social media channels with us?

Telegram: t.mw/wavesafrica

Twitter: twitter.com/waves_africa

FB: facebook.com/wavesafrica

21. Question:
Currently from where i can buy EGG ? Is it possible that I can get more EGG only by holding it?

you can buy egg on swop.fi and waves.exchange

you need to hatch your EGG into a DUCK and put the DUCk into farming to earn passive income

22. Question:
Do you have a plan where users can add their custom duck and get compensated for doing that?
I need an answer to this sir

nice idea, will share with Waves Duck brains

23. Question:
Good day waves rep from a waves fan,i appreciate your presence. Can you tell me where you see Nigerians with respect to game-fi generally in about 30 years from today?

i can’t tell if GameFi will still be here, until then, let get some EGGs, Hatch some DUcks and make few BUCKS!!! 😇

24. Question:
Also is duck digital image the only NFTs collectible or other forms of digital images are included?

as an NFT collectible

25. Question:
Any plan to list Egg on major exchanges ?

well well, maybe in the future but not a priority for now

26. Question:
How can I earn money from a sterile duck?

by farming it

27. Question:
How can I join the collective farming?

first you have to visit https://collective.wavesducks.com and you can choose from any available farm there or you can apply to start your own

You can invest from 0.01 $EGG in Collective Farms

28. Question:
What is the purpose of the genes in the game?

you mean rarity?

if yes, its a measure of uniqueness>

Ducks with highly rarity return more rewards in farming

Closing remarks

I’m quite excited and happy to see that blockchain projects are focused on delivering solutions that can solve the real challenges faced daily, and have some fun in the process whilst still making money.

Chukwuka (Henry) 🌱
guys, you rock!

With that spirit of building for the future We encourage our community members to focus on supporting the ecosystem for growth in the little way we can.

Thanks again for helping the community get a better view of what the waves platform is all about

Remember Waves token communities is listed on Huobi Global exchange for trading activities. Feel free to Hodl onto it on our platform as it’s a secured avenue to store your digital assets

Chukwuka (Henry) 🌱
i am super excited to share and hope to see you in coming Waves Duck gaming rounds

Don’t forget to follow Waves Africa on telegram and Twitter 🙌🏻

Until next, happy DUCKing 😇💚



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