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Waves Africa Fairy Tale Contest

Today we present to our community a new contest “African Fairytale Ducks”, where you can write your own fairy tale about the duck!

What you have to do? Choose a favorite African fairy tale, take your favorite Waves Duck and create a story about that duck according to the fairy tale. Don’t copy the fairy tale, use your imagination!

For example,

The story of a Gazelle Duck

Once upon a time there lived a duck who wasted all his money…

Write here 7–10 sentences. The best stories will get rewards. Prize pool is 800$!

Contest will last 1 week. Good luck!

How to join contest:

  1. Follow Waves on Twitter
  2. Like and follow our page on Facebook
  3. Join our Telegram community
  4. Post your fairy tale story on social media with these hash tags #WavesDucks #WavesDucksAfrica #Fairytaleducks #NFTGaming
  5. Fill this form to receive your reward https://bit.ly/37X8S2S

1. Do not copy random stories from internet. Create your own content
2. Submission closes on 27 August 2021
3. Your social media accounts must have 50+ followers!



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