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Welcome to 2022, We Move 🎉

Hello Africa,

2021 was an amazing year in the African community with several contest, giveaways, AMAs, and growth. See some activity below

Community growth

Active users: 1164 (106.69% from January 2021)

Average daily messages: 76 (through out 2021)

New projects were launched on Waves Ecosystem

Waves Duck

Waves duck is an NFT-based game that combines DeFi and gaming mechanics which allows players (aka “duck hunters”) to earn EGGs on collecting and staking Duck NFTs.
Website: wavesducks.com

Vires Finance

Vires is a Liquidity Protocol for Lending and Borrowing Assets on Waves platform.
Website: vires.finance


Swop.fi is a service for instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and passive income from investments in cryptocurrencies. Also, swop.fi has a launchpad where new projects an run their IDO and raise funds for their start up.
Website: swop.fi

Several projects also launched on Waves including Medicare, Enno wallet, MetaRace, Muna and several others.

2022 and beyond

In this new year (2022), the ecosystem and Waves Africa community will grow exponentially and get more robust. Our core focus for the year and beyond will be geared toward driving mass adoption of the Waves platform around the continent through strategic plans.

Target Plans

  • Africa developer community growth and development
  • WART (Waves Africa Reward Token) improvement, new usecase, more swap listing and pairs.
  • Creation of education explainer videos and tutorials
  • Community meet-ups, workshops and webinars
  • Monthly community calls
  • Drive campus meeting and ambassador programmes.
  • Monthly newsletter

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Thank you for been part of our community and journey! Cheers to a better years ahead.

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