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A new referral program!

August is a hot month, and it’ll get even hotter thanks to our new referral program! Time has come to increase your profits by 20% — as well as those of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Waves.Exchange announces a referral program that’s equally profitable for those who actively invite new users and for invitees themselves.

What is the referral program?

The referral program enables users to collect a regular extra income for attracting new users to WX staking. As long as the program’s conditions are met, rewards are sent to you as a referrer and to any active referral whom you invited with a referral link.

As a referrer, you will receive a monthly income from each referee. The more new users you attract to WX staking, the higher your income. For each active referral, you will receive 10% of their staking income. In turn, an active referral will receive 10% on top of their standard WX staking income. For both the referrer and the referral to receive their rewards, the referral has to stay active and to have a balance of at least 200 gWX.

Also you are able to receive income from Trading Fees, 50% of fees from your referrals’ trades.

Important! Any Waves.Exchange user can be a referrer, but only users who created a new account after following a referral link or logged into an account that doesn’t have any incoming and outgoing transactions, can be referrals.

How to earn on the referral program

First, share information about the best DEX, Waves.Exchange, with your friends. Tell them about our investment products and earning opportunities. Show them our website, our apps and our 24/7 support channels.

Then, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the referral program page in your Waves.Exchange account

2. Copy your personal referral link and share it with your friends

3. Persuade your friends to stake WX

4. If your friends remain active referrals and maintain a balance above 200 gWX, together, you will receive 20% extra income.

5. On a weekly basis, your reward will be displayed on the referral program page, and you’ll be able to claim it.

Now, we’ll remind you about WX staking.

What is WX staking?

To start off, WX is the native token of Waves.Exchange, a DEX whose IDO successfully ran in November 2021. Waves.Exchange users receive WX tokens as rewards for investing in liquidity pools, participating in the IDO and “early bird” program. WX tokens are traded on the exchange and can be bought with a bank card through our fiat providers.

WX staking enables users to not only collect passive income but also participate in the development of Waves.Exchange.

WX staking income is fees that traders pay for creating orders on the exchange. These fees are accumulated and distributed among WX stakers in proportion to their gWX balances.

The number of your gWX also determines your voting power in votes for token verification, liquidity pools or WX emission distribution.

Apart from collecting income and participating in votes, WX staking enables users to increase their income from liquidity pools (boosting). Depending on the number of gWX and specific liquidity pools, boosting could reach x3.

Important: the number of gWX in an account gradually decreases, which has no impact on the number of WX in staking. You can withdraw all of your WX upon the expiration of the staking period.

How to stake WX

Go to the referral program page, share information with friends and start earning from Waves.Exchange products together. Your feedback is important, and all of your ideas and suggestions are welcome in our chat.

And, most importantly, the more friends and more WX staking-> the higher rewards!



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