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Welcome to the Waves.Exchange’s referral program!

Waves.Exchange welcomes you! If you are reading this article, it is likely that someone who is already familiar with the exchange shared it with you. And the two of you are ready to receive an increased income from staking WX by 20%. In this article, we have prepared the most important and interesting information about the referral program and other Waves.Exchange products.

First of all we want to mention that the Waves.Exchange is a decentralized exchange that has been offering users services for fast deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency, exchange of tokens and investment for 3 years. Under the hood of all our investment tools are smart contracts that guarantee security and transparency. Only the user has access to the funds. Waves.Exchange started with a wallet and trading, but over time, we have a lot of high-yield investment products, convenient and fast gateways for working with various blockchains, our own WX token, and the ability for the users to manage the exchange by means of voting.

Why Waves.Exchange?

In 2021, Waves.Exchange successfully held the IDO of its own WX token and raised $50 million in 29 hours! Subsequently, the exchange token became an integral part of the ecosystem.

What is WX and how to earn on it?

WX is the Waves.Exchange ecosystem token, which is key to the development of the exchange decentralization and investment products.

Earning with WX token on Waves.Exchange is very simple, we will tell you how.

One of the ways to earn is to stake WX. It’s almost like a bank deposit, only in crypto. By staking WX, users get the following benefits:

WX token, can also be traded on the exchange just like any other token, and it can be used to pay trading fees at 50% rate.

Referral program

You received a link from your friend, he is the referrer. Both of you now have the opportunity to earn higher returns from staking WX.

How this works:

More details here:

How to transfer tokens to Waves.Exchange wallet?

How to buy WX token with a bank card?

3. You need to stake WX and get gWX in return. In order for you and the referrer to profit from the referral program, you need to maintain more than 200 gWX on your balance.

How to stake WX token and what is gWX?

4. Congratulations, you have become a WX staker! Starting next week, you and your referrer will receive increased income (you will receive +10% to the profitability of your staking).

Other products worth paying attention to

Waves.Exchange offers other great opportunities for beginners and advanced crypto investors.

One of our popular investment products is LP staking, with a yearly yield of up to 15%. It’s almost like a bank deposit, only in crypto. You stake USDN, USDT, USDC, ETH or BTC, and in return you get an LP token that grows in price and guarantees that the funds are held by the smart contract. The difference between the prices of the token at the entrance and at the exit of the product will be your income.

The most popular product is Lambo investment with an average yearly return of up to 64%. The product is based on algorithmic trading strategy with a maximum historical drawdown of up to 10%. By investing USDT or USDC, you get a LAMBO token in return, the price of which is gradually growing. Learn more about Lambo in this article.

And of course, the liquidity pools. This is our most profitable product that we mentioned earlier. Liquidity pools allow users to earn up to 130% passive income by providing liquidity to the exchange. You can read more about pools in this article.

Still have questions? Feel free to join our friendly 24/7 Telegram chat and get to know our community, while support staff will help you figure out Waves.Exchange products.



WX.Network — a full-featured liquidity platform for self-sovereign crypto management with a suite of investment tools and secure, easy-to-use interface.

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