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A blockchain solution for the corporate and public sectors

On 6 June 2019 Vostok’s mainnet was launched, taking blockchain solutions for major corporations and government agencies to a new level.

A year ago, when Waves celebrated its second birthday, founder and CEO Alexander Ivanov announced plans for Vostok, a new project within the ecosystem.

On the one hand, Vostok comes as a logical extension of Alexander’s broader work of making blockchain accessible to every individual or organisation interested in its profitable use. On the other hand, this is a specific response to growing demand from large enterprises and state institutions that would like to adopt DLT-based solutions.

Since the project’s announcement, substantial work has been carried out to create the private blockchain platform Vostok, as well as an integrator capable of building complex innovative products with its distributed ledger technology.

Interest in the project is consistently rising, evidenced by a range of partner agreements with corporations and institutions including Rostec, Sberbank, Transmash Holding and Vneshekonombank.

Even before the official launch of the public network, the integrator implemented several major projects, including with DOM.RF and the Nizhny Novgorod government. Currently, a number of other projects are in progress, the results of which will be announced shortly.

Work on the Vostok platform was carried out by a team of experienced blockchain developers and business experts who helped formulate requirements for the solution.

Today, we are thrilled to announce another landmark in Vostok’s development: the launch of its public network. This will allow large companies interested in blockchain-based solutions but who don’t want to build their own infrastructure, to use an enterprise-ready blockchain network.

Vostok’s enterprise-ready network allows all holders of Vostok’s token, VST, to conduct transactions, write data to the blockchain and launch smart contracts.

An important element of our infrastructure is an enterprise-ready solution, Vostok Client. This enables issuance, transfer and leasing of tokens, publishing and requesting contracts and working with contract drafts, as well as managing other users’ permissions. For most operations, you will need to register using Vostok Client and obtain permission from the network administrator. You can request permission at https://support.vostok.io/servicedesk.

Alongside the launch of Vostok’s network, we have introduced a gateway for transferring VST tokens between the Waves and Vostok networks, and now all interested parties can experiment with transactions.

Options for using Vostok’s blockchain infrastructure

Vostok partners have several options for using our solutions:

— Integration into Vostok’s public infrastructure. Using Vostok’s mainnet, with permission to join the network issued by the administrator.
— Building an independent Vostok blockchain infrastructure. Creating an independent private network with assistance from the Vostok integrator. Operating a private network does not require VST tokens, but infrastructure costs apply.

— Creating a hybrid blockchain ecosystem. This option offers improved reliability of a private network via connection to Vostok’s mainnet.

You can start building solutions on the Vostok platform right now. Please direct your requests to sales@vostok.io.



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