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A Year with Waves Ducks

Today is the day! Just a year ago, Waves Ducks was revealed to the public, which announced the start of our ducky journey. And what a ride it’s been, guys!

From the fist ever EGG token drop to the Metaverse launch, we’ve managed to form the wildest community in crypto gaming that now feels like a family. Words cannot express how thankful the Waves Ducks team is to you all, so we hope that our anniversary plans won’t leave you with second thoughts about it.

Let’s get a bit nostalgic and remember how it all started

Initially, Waves Ducks was supposed to be a simple NFT-based collectible game aimed at the Waves users to promote the ecosystem and spice up the experience with it. Back then, we couldn’t have comprehended the real scope of the community support and the power of wacky meme ducks.

The history of Waves Ducks kicked off with a truly historic event on April 15. The Perfection duck auctioned by the Waves’ founder Sasha Ivanov was sold for 1 million USDN through SIGN Art. To this day, this the most expensive NFT outside of the Ethereum blockchain ever sold.

Soon afterwards, we added the Incubator where users were able to hatch genesis ducks by spending EGG. The newly-hatched NFTs could then be crossbred to produce brand new ducks with randomized genes from their parents. The outcome of breeding is always a sight to behold! Acquiring an absolute farming powerhouse with increased rarity that looks like a hack job of memes is peak comedy.

The introduction of the marketplace allowed players to sell and buy ducks causing a notable spike in hatching rates. By the way, in a year, you have hatched 12,712 NFT ducks adding up to 23,179 within the game in total.

In the summer of 2021, the team got real busy to roll out a bunch of new mechanics and systems that turned Waves Ducks into a full-fledged NFT project. Among those was the Rebirth functionality allowing players to get rid of unwanted duckies with a chance to receive better rewards. Since then, more than 7900 NFT ducks have been reborn.

But the fun didn’t stop there. We also established collective farms as a means to join the game with minimal investments, as well as a referral program and the ability to buy EGG directly with a bank card.

September became the month of Play to Earn, as we finally released Duck Wars, a turn-based tactical game, where players receive tokens for winning with zero investments. This mode has become hugely popular attracting over 200,000 unique players who participated in more than 34 million battles.

In Q3 2021, we decided to focus on developing the Waves Ducks Metaverse and then, introduce a 3D racing game, Metarace. NFT ducks and monster trucks are a perfect match when it comes to earning additional tokens for our players. In just a couple of months, the finish line has been crossed 2293 times.

We also organized a limited loot box drop containing powerful artefacts. Some of them give bonuses to farming yield, some allow you to manipulate genes during breeding, and there are ones purely for style. Just recently, some of the artefacts got activated.

During the whole time, we’ve been hosting rounds, the number of which is now over 100. There, you could demonstrate your creative side and earn some additional EGG. In total, we gave away 60,000 tokens and received TONS of precious materials and memories in return. The DuckSquid round will surely go down in history as the most insane and profitable activity in NFT games.

The word about Waves Ducks spread like wildfire with the help of a devoted community as well as collaborations with popular youtubers, social media influencers, and even TikTok stars. Speaking of which, have you ever heard a ducky beat? The beatboxing god of TikTok,

SpencerX did not only serve as a model for an exclusive NFT, but also provided a tune for it. If you’re into collecting music, there’s another song about Waves Ducks minted as NFT, still available for purchase.

So yeah, Year 1 of Waves Ducks has been a blast! And if not for our beloved fans and players, we couldn’t have achieved this. Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for more info on the celebration events!

Here’s a little rundown of what to expect during the coming weekend:

  • Birthday gets a new meaning with massive discounts on hatching (25% off) and rebirth (50% off), which will last from April 9, 11 a.m. (CEST) till April 11, 11 a.m. (CEST).
  • In addition to the achievements for each NFT duck, we will release personal achievements to reward your merits as a player.
  • Get on the call with the team and community members to discuss the past, the present and the future of Waves Ducks. And at the end, there will be a surprise announcement that will blow your socks off.

Remember to join the Waves Ducks group and subscribe to the Waves Duck’s Twitter!



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