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AMA participants share insights

In recent weeks, Waves Tech has run several AMA sessions with our partners. In this post, we’re quoting some of the discussions’ insights.

Jacob Samuel, Swingby CTO, on bringing liquid assets into DeFi

“Imagine a [DeFi] world where you could use things like bitcoin, which is the most traded asset in the cryptocurrency space, but you currently can’t do that. The only real way to bring these tokens into the DeFi space is to go through a centralized custodian, and Swingby is the first truly trustless and decentralized way to bring these tokens into the DeFi system.”

Alexey Pupyshev, Waves evangelist and author of Gravity, on DeFi prospects

“Farming and ‘copy-and-paste’ DeFi projects are becoming boring. People are beginning to understand that those are not working anymore, as they are losing money. We’ll see something similar to DeFi with inter-chain — like, inter-chain farming and inter-chain liquidity providing over the next year. Now, we are building technology and infrastructure for the next hype.”

Paul Nattapatsiri, Band protocol CEO & co-founder, on blockchain oracle data

“We’ve seen a lot of blockchain applications recently that rely not only on the deterministic nature of blockchain, but also on having knowledge of what’s going on in the real world. For example, DeFi relies on exchange rates of tokens, which happens on centralized exchanges mostly, and for the foreseeable future, this problem is going to persist. Basically, Band aims to serve across multiple ecosystems, allowing them to connect to any data.”

Huang Lin, Suterusu CTO, on privacy and anonymity

“Privacy is not a problem with the government, it’s a problem with everyone else. When people talk about privacy, they usually talk about the big government, about ‘the Big Brother.’ But I think that privacy is about your own personal sphere, about isolating your private information from the others. And a lot of people have a concept of a personal sphere, a personal space, especially regarding your private information, like, for instance, your money information. This is extremely sensitive information: you live because you have money, you get up and eat because you have money, you do everything because you have money. And these concerns about privacy could lead to the arrival of peer-to-peer digital cash, something that Suterusu envisioned 10 years ago. I believe privacy is something to solve in the DeFi sphere. And anonymity is not necessarily bad when we can simultaneously guarantee privacy. I’m a strong advocate of accountable anonymity. We are focused on privacy and anonymity, but this is the first step. Then we can move towards accountable anonymity.”

John Izaguirre, Ontology European Ecosystem Lead, on vehicle data

“Nowadays, cars are not just automobiles anymore, they are not just pieces used for driving. They track a huge amount of data: where you go, what you buy, who you call in the car, what kind of music or audiobooks you listen to in the car. And that’s fine, but the end user should also be aware of and responsible for the data that you actually produce. And you are not supposed to give it away. We have complete ownership of that data. So, in collaboration with a German car manufacturer whose name I cannot reveal, we are building a one-click blockchain solution for the end user to have access to the car console that has all this data.”



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