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Back in Business: Waves Keeper Gets a New Update

User experience and security are among our top priorities when it comes to the Waves ecosystem. That’s why we created Waves Keeper, an intuitive browser extension that keeps your funds safe at all times. With the latest update, the well-known tool for easy transaction signing has gotten even better.

In this release, the developers were able to address several aspects related to both user convenience and access restoring options.

Keystore file Export/Import

When creating a Waves Keeper account, users are provided with a seed phrase — a random string of words, which is necessary to restore access to the account in case of device loss or switch. Usually, it is supposed to be written down on a piece of paper or digitally; however, such measures do not always protect the phrase from loss. Additionally, in previous versions, some users could have skipped this step.

Now, in addition to the seed phrase, Waves Keeper has the ability to create a keystore file with which you can also easily restore access to your account. For all registered users, a notification about creating a keystore file will appear in the extension interface. To create a backup, you need to go to settings and select “Export accounts”. The file can be stored in a safe place and, if needed, imported into Waves Keeper on a new device.

Transaction fee options

We have added the ability to change the asset to be used as a commission. Very few users are comfortable with paying commissions in an asset decided by the service creator or in Waves by default. Now you can choose the desirable asset when signing the transaction. The amount of commission in this case will be calculated automatically in line with the sponsorship settings.

Other changes

  • It is now possible to view and copy the JSON of the transaction in the transaction confirmation form.
  • When requesting signatures for multiple transactions at once, the site can add InvokeScript transactions as well.
  • Minor visual changes to the transaction forms.

The Waves Keeper extension is available for all popular browsers: Google Chrome (along with Brave and Yandex.Browser), Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.



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