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The army of Waves Ducks hunters is hungry for recruits! And if you doubt joining our duck forces, here is the decisive argument: soon you’ll be able to join for free!

After the DIP-4 v2 update you won’t need money to start your adventure (apart from the smallest sums in $WAVES for blockchain commission). There is no reason to worry about the value of your $EGG and ducks — we’re introducing a new harvesting mechanics and $GROW token for it!

How harvesting works

Every 4 hours — this is called a lap — nearly 500 $GROW tokens will be issued in the game. They will be automatically shared between all the baby ducks that have won their battles during this lap. Their $GROW tokens will automatically convert into their growth rate: 1% = 1 GROW.

For example, if 2000 baby ducks were battling in the previous 4 hours, then from the 500 $GROW lap emission each of the 1000 winners will get 0,5 $GROW on average for the lap thus resulting in its 0,5% growth rate. In this case, if you win every lap, you’ll get 3 $GROW (3% growth rate) in 24 hours.

You’ll be able to get a duck worth several thousand bucks in just a month or so! A nice passive income with zero investing — since a new player will get its baby duck for free ;)

Apart from getting regular $GROW in harvesting, you can also feed all the babies with extra $GROW once a lap. But if you forget to feed your baby duck or battle with it during 24 hours (6 laps), its growth rate will decrease. Don’t ignore your babies!

Baby duck market

Even if your baby duck hasn’t already grown into an adult duck, but has a nice growth rate, it is still valuable. So we’ll add baby duck trading to the marketplace for the ones with a certain minimum growth rate.

By the way, the baby ducks you receive after a rebirth have a 20% growth rate start bonus, and other baby ducks begin with zero.

Why the DIP

Of course, our main goal is to increase the value of ducks and $EGG. The new players will have to show their baby ducks in battles — and this is where your skillful Jedi ducks unfold their Force! You can rent a Jedi duck for a commission from your baby duck winnings — we have described it in our previous DIP. The Jedi duck owner will get the commission in $GROW.

Here is an example. Alice is an experienced player with a cool duck. In her personal account she sets her Jedi duck leasing conditions: a baby duck with more than 50% of wins in more than 20 battles, the commission is 30%

Another player, Bob, is a beginner. He’s been harvesting for a week, and now wants to speed up the growth of his baby duck. He rents Alice’s duck for 24 hours. During these 24 hours he takes 6 battles and wins 2 $GROW. 1,4 $GROW of them will convert to 1,4% of Bob’s baby duck growth rate, and 0,6 $GROW will go to Alice as tokens.

Duck owners will get a new passive income option to choose, depending on their strategies and the market — to use a duck either for farming or leasing as a Jedi.

We’ll uncover more details about the battle and harvesting lap mechanics in a combat leaflet to be published before the Duck Wars launch.

$EGG and $GROW balance

It’s worth mentioning that releasing an extra token will only benefit $EGG capitalization. The lower the barriers to entry, the more new players come to the game, the higher is the Jedi duck and $EGG demand.

$EGG remains the main in-game token, necessary for all the valuable items. Having a stable high exchange rate and small digit length, $EGG itself gets close to NFT, becoming a rare and valuable token. As for $GROW, it becomes a utility token and in the future will be used in governance. We’ll cover the Duck Growth ($GROW) tokenomics in another stand-alone post.

The new stage in Waves Duck development will bring the mass adoption as close as never before. Get your pets ready, hunters — huge duck wars are on your farm doorsteps!

By the way, have you noticed some strange items near the baby ducks in the picture above? This is a teaser for the most curious: soon we’ll introduce battle items available for $EGG!

Remember to join the Duck Hunters chat and subscribe to the Waves Duck’s Twitter!



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