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The Duck Hunt reward increase and new DIP-7 mechanics were rejected due to the majority of voters’ unwillingness to reduce the farming power of ducks. We understand the player dissatisfaction caused by this proposal. However, farming in its current state does more harm than good to the project.

The project is undergoing severe inflation. There is much to be said for its causes, its imminence, and the possibilities of doing things differently. But now we are already at this point, and we need to make decisions based on the current state of affairs to improve them.

For this reason, we have redesigned the DIP-7 to DIP-7.1. Its main goals:

  • Making duck breeding more affordable
  • Finding a compromise between our vision of farming and the players’ vision
  • Adding the previously described duck rental mechanics for Duck Hunt
  • Increasing Duck Hunt’s investment potential
  • Improving gamer and investor engagement
  • Making the game more attractive to new and old players

Further details on the proposed changes:


Perhaps in the previous DIP we didn’t clarify our stance on farming enough, so some users thought we wanted to take something away from them and we had to explain ourselves in the chats. So this time we will elaborate on that here.

Farming is not the only or primary cause of EGG inflation. That said, however, in the current context, handing out 100 EGGs a day or 3,000 EGGs a month to everyone does not generate significant income for anyone, while also causing enormous damage to the entire economy, since most of those EGGs get dumped at any price.

Why this is bad:

  • 100 EGG a day means permanent inflation, which is impossible to control.
  • Under these conditions, the token cannot grow.
  • Farming no longer works as an investment. A 100% duck now brings ~5 EGG per year. Its average price on the market is ~30 EGG. The duck will pay off in 6 years at best.
  • Many people still calculate the return on their ducks based on these numbers. With this approach, it’s hard to attract new players, because you can’t see the profits. Although, ducks have much more valuable income-generating mechanics.
  • Farming as it is now spells stagnation for the project.
  • If we don’t change these mechanics, the earnings from farming will become increasingly smaller, and the problems will remain.
  • 53% of all perched ducks are 100% rarity. The situation with decreasing farming power will not change by itself. The ducks won’t at any point be laying more EGG because there are no such mechanics. More 100% ducks will be perched, which will cause even smaller EGG yields and loss of value in the eyes of the players. As for inflation, it will remain the same because of this mechanism. So changes are needed in any case.

At the same time, after the rejected DIP, it became clear that players want to hold onto even the existing level of farming power. In this regard:

  1. We are willing to compromise and cut the pool to 80 EGG per day instead of 70 originally.
  2. In addition, we are introducing Duck Flu. When claiming a reward, a duck has a 5% chance of getting sick. A sick duck cannot lay eggs and a player cannot claim a generated reward until it is cured. To cure it, you will need to give it a healing potion, which can be obtained in three ways:
  • 1% chance to get from eggs in Duck Hunt
  • 5% chance to get from the rebirth of a duck
  • Buy on the Marketplace for 10 USDT

A note for collective farm owners: to avoid forcing ducks to get sick due to daily payouts, collective farms will have to run their own script (which we can provide) that will allow them to choose their own payout schedule.

At the same time, most of our players have not yet experienced the profitability of Duck Hunt. Therefore, we want to contribute to increasing their interest in the game in the following ways:

Raising a duckling for 20 $SPICE


The same 100% duck that would bring a player 5 EGG in a year in farming is capable of producing $7000 worth of SPICE when played actively. That’s $7000 at the current price of SPICE.

The newer the duck, the more it earns. But there are hardly any new ducks, and the demand for SPICE is intermittent rather than constant. To encourage the production of new ducks, we change the cost of raising breeding ducklings to a progressive system. So, raising a generation:

  1. Hero — will require 20 SPICE
  2. Ideal — 30 SPICE
  3. Knight — 40 SPICE
  4. Lord — 50 SPICE
  5. Magical — 60 SPICE
  6. Natural — 70 SPICE
  7. Obstinate — 80 SPICE

The price to grow a Hero generation duckling is reduced by a factor of 5, and the price of rasing an Obstinate is reduced by 20 SPICE. Previously, to grow a duck from Genesis to Obstinate you had to spend 700 SPICE only on feeding, now it is 2 times less, 350 SPICE.


Ducklings from the incubator will also undergo changes. Their raising price will be dynamic and will be calculated according to the formula:

Where x is the total number of hatched ducklings. Thus, the higher the demand for incubator ducklings, the higher their growing price becomes. And the cost of raising the first 240 Genesis ducks will be less than 100 SPICE.

But what if you do not have time or desire to play yourself, but you want to get SPICE for trading and feeding ducklings somehow?

Rental Ducks

For users interested in the investment potential of Duck Hunt, we are once again proposing ducks for rent from the last DIP.

Rental ducks remained unchanged.

How it works

  • Any user owning a duck will be able to send it to the common pool of rental ducks.
  • When sending a duck to the rental pool, the owner chooses the period for which the duck will be rented by other players: from one month to one year.
  • The owner also chooses the ratio of rewards that he himself and the player will receive: 50/50; 70/30; 90/10, and so on, as the owner of the duck deems fair.
  • The player can choose any duck on to the rental page.
  • For now, the plan is to add the ability to send rental ducks only to Duck Hunt, but in the future, they can be used in all games on the platform. Thus, the owner of the duck will earn tokens of those games that the player plays.
  • Rented ducks are returned to the owner at the end of the rental period.

Additional details:

  • The number of ducks that can be rented per user will be limited, with the possibility to increase this limit.
  • The owner will not be able to return the duck before the rental period expires.
  • We will also provide a mechanism that will track inactive ducks and return them to the rental pool or the owner.

We see great potential in rental ducks, as active players will be able to get access to the best ducks. In this way, they will earn themselves and bring income to the duck owner.

$SPICE Rewards

To make Duck Hunt even more profitable for both investors and players who will have to share rewards from the ducks, we are keeping the proposal to raise SPICE rewards.

  1. Increasing the amount of $SPICE produced by a single duck.
  2. Increasing the minimum reward per gEGG
  3. Increasing the Capacity of Ducks.

The increase will be about double, so that two good ducks could produce a whole family of ducklings.


So, we are not giving up on our idea of redesigning farming and nerfing it a little bit now to start fighting the relentless inflation. But at the same time, after listening to your opinions, we are ready to look for a compromise with users and not make too drastic changes.

In doing so, we’re still significantly increasing the rewards in Duck Hunt, creating an investment tool, and making ducks more accessible to those who don’t own them without hurting the economy. We’re also making breeding ducks 5 times cheaper than it is now.

Now it’s up to you again. Time to vote!

How to vote:

  1. Go to https://waves-dapp.com/3P38c43ME7gAtDWoM9NqA6juRMzjF2Uxz3b
  2. Invoke voteYes or voteNo
  3. Wait for the results of the vote, which will take 10,000 blocks. Anyone will be able to tally the results after the vote is over.

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