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Ducks Metaverse

Six months since launch, ducks have been hatching, breeding and laying eggs for their owners. The home planet is getting too small for duck empires, so it’s time to fly to new worlds where no duck has ever set foot before. We present the vision of our duck metaverse to the community.

The metaverse consisting of the home planet, space and the real world, is divided by collective farms. Every user will find opportunities to make money or have fun, whether as a new player or a large farm owner.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the locations that make up the metaverse.

Duck World home planet

As in the beginning, players can hatch and breed new ducks. Each duck owner has a farm on their home planet called Duck World. Each collective farm (clan) also has a separate farm. Players invest their tokens in them and get paid daily, effectively owning part of the farm’s property.

The home planet hosts a collection of games from the core development team of Waves Ducks. Even new players can join them with free ducklings to get share tokens, as well as fight for their clan’s influence on the planet.

Duck Wars is the first game in the duck world. It has already been launched, and anyone can fight with ducklings for free under the chosen collective farm banner, supported by its Jedi. Each victory brings a small amount of EGG into the collective farm’s budget, while the player receives the equivalent sum in share tokens to his personal account.

Private farmers may ally with one of the collective farms to enlist their ducks as Jedi and be rewarded for doing so.

There will be other games in the future, the point of which comes down to one thing — allowing clans to compete for the title of the most powerful one in the Duck Universe. The global strategy game for farm owners will serve as the ultimate gaming mode on the planet.

Other planets in the metaverse

Duck and duckling owners are free to transport their NFTs to other planets via the space station. In other words, they can send NFTs to one of the games created by third-party developers by selecting a portal.

With the smart contract provided by the team for each of these games, it is guaranteed that the duck will remain in the player’s possession as long as it is used in the game, allowing the player to earn in-game currency. This way, duck owners have the choice and strategic challenge of allocating their NFTs to the games in the ecosystem for maximum benefit.

Rumor has it that players are in for a surprise in space, namely the acquisition of unique artifacts. For instance, they will let players clone a duck or increase the productivity of a farm. It is also possible to encounter ducks that left their home planet through rebirth.

The metaverse already has pioneering 3rd-party games, such as ENDO Worlds and Black Duck. Both farm owners and regular players can play them to make money. Once the metaverse is up and running, we expect to see professional-level games from major game studios.

Real world

Planet Earth is part of the duck metaverse. There is a special group of hunters who aim to spread the word about ducks and encourage people to join their ranks.

To motivate such people, social activities designed to creatively engage users in the game in the form of rounds will continue to be launched. The collective farm tokens will be given out as a reward for participation in the rounds. Thus, each hunter chooses a clan and receives the corresponding reward, which will provide him with passive income that depends on the success of the clan.

To unite the most passionate hunters, a special Ducks Fan Club has been created. No one knows exactly how to get in, but the privileges are truly exceptional: members can take initiative and do whatever they want to market Waves Ducks, earning EGG as a reward.

Real-world activities, hatch & breed games on the duck home planet, and game variety will contribute to the creation of the largest empire in NFT history.

Metaverse’s part in boosting the Waves Ducks capitalization

At the moment, the main goal of Waves Ducks is to create a full-fledged metaverse economy along with an increased focus on the Waves ecosystem, which will raise the value of the EGG token and NFT ducks. The metaverse is being created precisely to achieve these goals.

The new concept launch will strengthen the role of the collective farm share tokens in the ecosystem and reduce the pressure on the EGG token. Furthermore, new ways to use EGG will be added: buying Jedi robes, portals, artifacts, and other items in Duck World, especially once the global strategy game launches. The earning possibilities of owning an NFT duck, or even a duckling, will be significantly expanded.

Join Waves Ducks now! Start building your own empire or participate in Duck Wars absolutely for free. We will introduce Duck Paper 2.0 shortly, revealing all the features of the new metaverse, the most vibrant one in the entire NFT world.

Remember to join the Waves Ducks chat and subscribe to the Waves Duck’s Twitter!



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