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EGG will be born again on September 15

September 15 will be an important day for Waves Ducks and EGG, which is to experience a rebirth: the team will launch a new EGG token, replacing the old one in all of the ecosystem’s products.

EGG’s first birth took place quite recently, but so much has happened since then! The project’s rapid growth had an impact on its main token, too. To ensure sustainable development, one major improvement is required: increasing the number of digits after the decimal from 2 to 8.

On September 15, users will be offered an interface to exchange their old EGGs for new tokens. The same day, relevant changes will be made to the Waves Ducks website and the ecosystem’s products, Waves.Exchange and Swop.fi. From then on, the new token will be used for all operations.

What prospects will open with the token’s update?

First of all, the entry threshold will be lowered, as investors will be able to buy any small parts of EGG, investing absolutely any amount.

The update will also benefit existing players as it will have a positive impact on user experience: risks for liquidity providers and traders on Swop.fi will decline, while rewards for collective farm investors will be paid more regularly. Moreover, it will be possible to use EGG to pay game fees at a reasonable rate.

However, arguably, the key reason for the upgrade of the token is the inevitably approaching moment when EGG will go on a journey to other protocols. Soon after the upgrade, gateways to other networks are expected to be launched, primarily to Ethereum, Matic (Polygon) and Binance Smart Chain, as well as trading pairs on DEXes.

EGG isn’t afraid of changes, and, as a major element of Waves Ducks, it will proudly transform into a more mature token with huge potential for growth. We congratulate the Waves Ducks community on the rebirth of EGG!

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