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From an EGG token to $5,000

In this post, we’ll use a fictional example to explain the details of the recently launched community incentive game Duck Hunters.

Last week, we inaugurated Duck Hunters, a game aimed to incentivize the Waves community and centered on digital ducks. We have received many questions regarding the game’s specifics and, to answer them, we’re offering you a fictional example.

Please, note that all actions, duck images and numbers below are fictional and used only to illustrate the game’s mechanics.

Stage 1

Bob, a fictional character, retweets Waves Tech’s tweet and receives an EGG token as a reward.

Stage 2

Bob learns that by using a duck image as an avatar, he could collect another 10 EGG tokens, which he does.

Stage 3

A service is launched enabling users to instantly exchange 10 EGG tokens for a basic duck NFT. Bob uses the service to receive one of the eight basic duck NFTs — Billie with the genotype aaaaaaaa and a yellow background. It’s the first NFT in his collection!

But this token is not at all unique, as another 100 identical Billies exist. Therefore, the duck NFT’s uniqueness ratio is 0.01.

Stage 4

Bob decides to expand his collection. He finds Alice, another fictional character, who has a NFT of a Batman with a yellow background and buys it for 5 USD.

Batman’s genotype is bbbbbbbb. Similarly, it’s far from being unique but Bob now has two NFT ducks!

Stage 5

A functionality is launched allowing users to “breed” ducks. Bob sends his two basic ducks to breeding and receives a new duck with the genotype aaabbbbb, in which ⅜ of genes are from Billie and ⅝ are from Batman.

By a happy coincidence, this duck image is also with a yellow background. And, what is most important, this is a totally unique duck, as no other duck NFT with the genotype 3a+5b currently exists.

Stage 6

A buyback week is announced! Bob reads about the buyback mechanics and learns that if the category of NFTs with a yellow background has been selected for buyback, he has good chances of earning the first place for uniqueness.

Stage 7

An airdrop of EGG tokens to Swop.fi liquidity providers is announced, and Bob receives 12 EGG tokens for holding 12,000 USD in Swop.fi pools.

Now Bob has enough tokens for another basic duck. He exchanges 10 EGG tokens for another randomly selected basic duck, which turns out to be another Billie with a yellow background.

Now, Bob’s collection looks like this:


Stage 8

It is announced that sets of four NFTs with a yellow background will be bought back! Bob is inspired: the prize fund is 10,000 USDN, and he could collect 5,000 USDN as the first prize. He submits his set for buyback, calculating its uniqueness ratio.

Billie’s uniqueness ratio: 0.01

Batman’s uniqueness ratio: 0.01

The second-generation duck’s uniqueness ratio: 1

Therefore, the entire set’s uniqueness ratio is: 0.01 * 0.01 * 0.01 * 1 = 0.0001%, which is quite good for the game’s first period. Bob has very good chances compared to other players!

Stage 9

No one was able to collect a more unique set than Bob. The main prize goes to Bob! It’s quite a story: starting from a simple retweet, Bob collected a unique set and earned 5,000 USDN.



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