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Introducing MetaRace: a 3D Game for your NFTs

The Waves Ducks metaverse presents an ambitious 3D project that aims to set a new benchmark in the global GameFi market. Meet the cybersports 3D race for your NFT characters!

With the GameFi market booming, there have been many NFT-based gaming projects. However, while setting grand economic goals, most of them forget to pay enough attention to the development of entertaining and sound mechanics.

To bring a new level of NFT integration into gaming and prove that GameFi can be not only an object of interest to investors but also a full-fledged entertainment, we present a new project — MetaRace!

Contrary to the current trend, MetaRace will not rush to release its own NFTs, as it is unnecessary. Instead, the project interacts with the Waves Ducks Universe, aggregating existing NFT characters and providing them with interesting 3D mechanics that allow users to fight for prizes in multiplayer.

What’s the game about

The game is divided into rounds and the task of players in each round is to capture the prize and deliver it to the base by driving a virtual vehicle.

The first implementation will be a 3D farm for the Waves Ducks characters, where NFT ducks and ducklings can ride a tractor to grab an egg and take it to the rocket.

Each tractor may have different characteristics, depending on boosters and NFT character traits. For example, one tractor might be faster because it is driven by a rare duck, while another might be more powerful, allowing you to attack an opponent and take away an egg thanks to upgrades purchased by the player.

The gameplay will be structured so that the rounds change frequently, allowing you to experiment with a set of boosters and different playstyles. Some will choose the tactic of racing to the egg across the map, while others will choose to ambush the egg carriers at the final destination.

These mechanics will allow NFT ducks to transition into the 3D world to compete for influence and prizes while driving tractors.

Tournaments, Artefacts, and RACE token

To enable users to buy various upgrades, we will introduce the in-game currency, RACE. The initial emission of the RACE token will be held via IDO, and the rest of the tokens will be issued to form the prize fund of tournaments, which will become regular, putting MetaRace on a par with cybersport classics.

With different leagues for players of varying skill levels and progression, the tournaments will allow both veterans and beginners to earn money.

Each tournament can be dedicated to a particular event and held in a certain style, such as Halloween or New Year’s tournament. In accordance with the theme of the tournament, there will be artefact drops through the loot box mechanics.

Further details on tournaments, artefact distribution, player leagues, boosters, and RACE tokenomics will be published in separate articles.


Dec 2021 — RACE IDO and the first tournament, Game demo release.

Q1 2022 — Release of artefacts, upgrades, and regular tournaments.

Q2 2022 — Integration of NFT characters from other Metaverses.

Q4 2022 — The addition of custom (sponsored) maps and worlds.

Following this plan, MetaRace will organically grow into a global project, uniting different universes and allowing NFT owners to enjoy the game.

The main goal of the project for the next 12 months is to attract a large number of players and reach 10,000 daily active players with the help of exciting game mechanics.

Follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss project updates and the game demo release! Buckle up: the global 3D Race is about to start 😎




Waves is an open blockchain protocol and development toolset for Web 3.0 applications and decentralized solutions, aiming to raise security, reliability and speed of IT systems. It enables anyone to build their apps, fostering mass adoption of blockchain.

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