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Jeducks are accumulating force!

Just recently, all farmers have been invited to participate in duck fights by lending the power of Jeducks. In the first two weeks, more than 1,500 NFT ducks joined the battlefield, many of them bringing sizeable earnings to their owners for victories.

Now we’re expanding the earning possibilities with the addition of Jeduck mantles to the game. Any duck owner will be able to buy a mantle and upgrade it to increase their income from battles. This will also affect the attractiveness of ducks to fighters, who will choose the most powerful Jeducks. From now on, fights will be comparable to or even superior to farming in terms of profitability.

How it works:

  1. You will be able to buy mantles in the “Mantles” section. A level 1 mantle will cost only $0.01EGG.
  2. You will be able to increase the “Force Level” of mantles for $EGG. Each “Force Level” of a mantle increases the Jeduck’s earnings in case of a victory.
  3. Put a mantle on your duck and send it into battle.
  4. The $EGG spent on buying and upgrading the mantles will be distributed during the battles.
  5. Players who choose higher-level Jeducks will also receive increased victory rewards.

Note that the mantle’s Force Level calculation will change over time, but the $EGG you put into it remains in place. At the moment, the Force Level is calculated using this formula:

Where y is a mantle level, and x is the amount of $EGG invested. For instance, by investing just one EGG you can increase your Jeduck earnings by a factor of 11.

To turn up the heat even further, the Waves Ducks team announces “Duck Wars Week” to celebrate the implementation of the mantles!

Throughout the 28 laps of Duck Wars, there will be increased rewards, up to 8 $EGG per lap!

And in order to increase the number of participants exponentially, we will disable the player “White List”, so that everyone could join the battles.

With each Duck Wars update, we’re getting closer to the DIP-4 launch, which includes the release of NFT ducklings to draw a larger audience. Earnings from battles will be a great addition to farming making ducks more valuable, as well as making the game more accessible. Seize the opportunity and level your Jeducks now to dominate in the upcoming duck battles!

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