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Let the Rebirth Begin!

After the new genesis ducks and the achievements we are excited to announce the final DIP-3 update — the rebirth! And a little baby duck spoiler will follow.

We have thoroughly revised the rebirth mechanics compared to what was described in the plans. As a result, the rebirth conditions became more profitable; moreover, we’ve added a nice bonus. Now the players can send any of their duck to rebirth, so it will exit the game leaving a chance for one of the bonuses.

You can send any of your ducks to rebirth immediately! Just choose the one you don’t need, open its page and press the Rebirth button. Then your 0,5 EGG will be withdrawn, and all you’ll have to do is to wait a couple of minutes while your duck is vanishing in the rebirth gates. Finally, you’ll get your prize.

Catch a phoenix!

The most precious thing you can get after a rebirth is a unique NFT-phoenix. This is a duck with 100% stable rarity that can be used for farming with maximum APY or sold to a collector.

Every hunter dreams about getting such a duck, and you can do it with the help of rebirth! The chance of getting a phoenix depends on rarity of the duck to be reborn:

Probability(Phoenix) = 0.1% + 0.1% * rarity,

where rarity is a uniqueness of the duck to be reborn, in percent.

On average, a phoenix appears once in 500–1000 rebirths — it is a really precious trophy! Also, you have:

  • 10% chance for a genesis duck from the incubator, around 3.5 EGG worth;
  • 40% chance for a randomly colored perch, 1 EGG worth;
  • 20% chance for a baby duck — more info below.

And of course, nothing ventured, nothing gained: there is a 30% risk of getting no prize from a rebirth.

Baby duck?! What is a baby duck?!

Yes, the rumors about baby ducks aren’t random, and we can’t wait any more. Before the official baby duck DIP we’ll start to give them to the players, so you can get a baby duck even before they’re announced!

The ducks you get after a rebirth will be shown on their own tab of “My Farm” section. We’ll provide more details in the later releases!

Ducks are very precious NFTs, and every DIP-3 update increases their value! Thanks to the rebirth, any ducks will be useful, even those that have been used for breeding and can’t produce eggs. In the end of its path a duck won’t be a dead weight of your farm. It won’t leave without a trace — it will leave you a chance to get more profit!

Happy new release, duck hunters! Hurry up to and take a chance on getting a precious phoenix, a free duck, a perch or a baby!

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