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Metarace Roadmap

The Metarace IDO closed on December 22 with a smashing success: more than $2m have been locked for the duration of the IDO, and the lucky ticket owners spent $1500 $EGG (about $1.5m), which made it the largest IDO on the swop.fi Launchpad. The proceeds will be burned, and the team expects to raise funds for the project’s long-term development from venture capitalists, who are granted a spot in the project’s tokenomics.

In this article, we would like to talk about the team’s immediate plans and the future that awaits us all.


First of all, we would like to thank the entire Waves and Waves Ducks community for believing in us. We will certainly make it worth your while and create a truly massive online multiplayer game with NFTs.

We would also like to thank the Swop.fi and Enno Wallet teams, who were able to lend us a hand and quickly implement our ideas for the IDO mechanics.

And, of course, special thanks to our advisors, Vladimir Zhuravlev and Inal Kardanov, who were always helpful with their tips and suggestions.

Now, let’s move on to the team’s plans.

1. Release

The team’s firsthand task is to improve the demo (or the alpha version of the game) for the first public release. During the demo, we received a lot of data and feedback, which we will surely take into account during development. Besides fixed bugs, the game will have the first boosters added, which will greatly change the gameplay and make it more diverse. Each booster is a unique NFT that can be used in the game or traded on the marketplace using the $RACE token.

The release of version 1.0 is set for January 2022.

2. The first tournament

Along with the release of version 1.0, we will launch the first Metarace player tournament dubbed Genesis. This tournament will last for two weeks, and the top 10 players will receive $20k worth of $RACE. The Genesis tournament will only be open to owners of ducks and ducklings with a growth level of 50% or higher (after that, any duck or duckling with a farmer’s suit on will be able to participate in the game). The truck stats (such as speed, handling, and weight) will directly depend on the rarity of the duck, its genes, achievements, and the duckling growth level. So it’s time to stock up on the finest ducks and feed your ducklings!

The Genesis tournament is planned for January 2022

3. Integration of new characters

As the developers of Metarace, we want to create a game that will be played by millions of players around the world. To avoid limiting its potential market exclusively to duck owners, the game will also have the ability to use other NFTs. For example, if you have a token from CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club, then you will be able to log into Metarace using Metamask and get a truck with the stats correlating with the uniqueness of your NFT within the respective collection.

We will integrate the first 3 NFT collections in January 2022

4. Booster marketplace

Throughout January and February 2022, various boosters will be added to diversify the gameplay. You will find the list of boosters below:

Boosters will be available for purchase with $RACE, USDN, and USDT directly from the game’s interface. During the game, you will be able to pick up a box containing a random booster from the collection of boosters you purchased. Boosters are not meant to drastically swing the game balance in your favor, but they do add to the range of strategies available to the players. Some newly-released boosters can make the older ones redundant, so you can freely exclude them from your drop pool by selling them on the marketplace. There will also be special boosters with a limited supply.

The booster marketplace will be released in January 2022

5. New worlds and vehicles

Have you already guessed why the ducks deliver eggs to the rocket and where it flies off the Earth farm? That’s right, the ducks want to colonize the Universe, to create their own Metaverse, so they deliver eggs to their first destination, Mars! In the near future, the team plans to add a new map to the game, the Mars farm. Along with the location, a new vehicle will be added. Note, however, that not all players will get access to this new location, but only those who max out their experience points in the Earth league. Additionally, the laws of physics will also change on Mars: the vehicle stats will be slightly altered. The maximum advantage will be granted to those types of ducks that achieved greater success on Earth.

The release of the new map and vehicles is in March 2022

6. Recurring tournaments

Metarace tournaments for the $RACE tokens will be held regularly on weekends. Tournaments in different leagues will have varying prize pools and requirements for the participants. In addition to recurring tournaments, starting from March 2022, we plan to hold tournaments dedicated to certain events (including sponsored tournaments in cooperation with other projects).

The new leagues are scheduled for March 2022


We received a lot of questions during the IDO, so we decided to gather short replies to the most common ones:

1. Will the game’s graphics be improved?

Not in the near future, because one of our main goals is to make the game accessible to all players, even with low-end smartphones. We will likely add adjustable graphics settings somewhere along the road, but this is not a priority at the moment.

2. What’s up with the error messages in the demo?

The Metarace multiplayer is based on a unique architecture to give players with a relatively slow internet connection a chance to play. However, our architecture was not fully ready for such a large influx of players. We know how to fix this situation and we will definitely solve the issue soon.

3. Why did you burn $EGGs collected at IDO instead of using it for development?

We don’t have a pressing need to raise funds right now, as the team is completely self-sufficient. The $EGG involvement was primarily to confirm the demand for the game and reduce the overall amount of tokens.

4. Will it be possible to play with other people’s ducks/NFTs?

We are currently developing a model which will probably help to implement NFT rentals. We would really like to add such a feature, but we are not sure if we can roll it out anytime soon.

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