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On the crest of Waves / Monthly digest / June 2021

Hi Waves community,

The summer holiday season has started, and Waves Digest is also going on holiday until the fall. We hope that the Waves community will have good rest and a lot of fun this summer, as there are plenty of opportunities.

For example, you could enjoy Jumeirah, one of the main beaches in Dubai, which has a special significance for the Waves ecosystem, as recently activated version 1.3 of the Waves protocol was named after it.

Or, you could explore Bali’s exquisite nature by booking your dream holiday on travala.com, which facilitates payments in WAVES tokens.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to combine having rest with doing something useful (like, earning nice rewards), you may want to check out the new farming functionality in the Waves Ducks game. That way, you’ll not only enjoy beautiful nature but will also take advantage of nature’s offerings.

And the lucky winner of the Tesla Model X car in Curve’s recent USDN pool lottery could spend some of their summer riding around the city in a swanky car and attracting looks and thumbs-up. But those who were not so lucky shouldn’t be disappointed as there will be more opportunities to win a great prize.

However, nothing will compare with spending time with your friends. Therefore, we recently launched an activity that is set to drive you and your friends even closer together, the Waves Ducks’ game’s referral program.

Also, remember to check Waves’ social media and, if you haven’t yet subscribed, please, do so. That way, for example, you won’t miss Sasha’s AMAs, which he’ll be doing every other week, as he’s happy to talk to you and answer your questions.

We wish you an excellent summer, and we’ll be back in September with lots of exciting news and updates!



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