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TikTok Superstar Enters The Waves Ducks Metaverse

We welcome Spencer X as a new addition to our ducky family! A popular TikTok beatboxer contributes his image and voice for a brand new NFT duck of extreme rarity and value.

Spencer X is the 9th-most-followed creator on TikTok who dazzles the crowd with skillful beatboxing and hilarious sketches. With such an energetic personality, it is a perfect match for Waves Ducks to have him on board.

“Waves Ducks have done a really great job to provide an immersive experience for creators to create their own unique experiences by implementing a fun way to earn and buy NFTs where players can collect rewards and later turn them into real cash.”- Spencer X

There will be a total of 4 different Spencer X ducks with a 100% rarity. One of them will be absolutely unique and available via an auction on October 14. This duck comes with a special sound recorded by Spencer X himself which makes it the first Waves Ducks NFT to have a voice. You can take part in the auction by following this link.

The other three Spencer X ducks will be available in the game for everyone through hatching as jackpot ducks. They will have the same 100% rarity. To give you an idea of what a jackpot duck is, the latest one has been sold for a whopping sum of $42 000!

Visit https://wavesducks.com/ to try your luck and hatch a unique Spencer X Jackpot Duck.

Spencer X on TikTok

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