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Waves and Ankr strike up partnership

The collaboration will enable Waves users to deploy their own node in just one click, using Ankr’s secure and simple solution.

We are excited to announce that Waves has concluded a partnership agreement with Ankr, a provider of a one-click node-deployment solution. The key element of the collaboration will be work on lowering the entrance threshold for miners in the Waves network.

As we aim to provide users and WAVES holders with various options for storing their coins and collecting a revenue, Ankr’s solution appears to be advantageous for users.

For instance, a WAVES holder may have a substantial stake that they’d like to securely lease out to a node, but none of the available nodes inspire confidence. Thanks to Ankr’s solution, which will be now integrated with Waves, the user will be able to deploy their own node in just one click and lease out their funds to that node.

Subsequently, the user can add extra WAVES to the node and collect leasing payments without worrying about the accuracy and timeliness of payments from outside nodes. Incidentally, Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS), used in the Waves protocol, is considered to be one of the safest consensus algorithms for investors.

Waves is interested in users creating new nodes and leasing out their WAVES to them, as this will make the ecosystem more stable and secure. In addition, by simplifying the token leasing process, the Waves team will be able to attract a larger number of investors, also increasing the proportion of leased out tokens, which is set to lead to lower supply of WAVES tokens on exchanges and, consequently, to higher demand.

For deploying a node with Ankr’s solution, users will have to pay a nominal fee in Ankr’s tokens, which makes the collaboration profitable for the company, as well. Many developers seeking to launch a Waves node will choose Ankr to do it in a simple and less time consuming way.

Currently, the Waves network has over 300 nodes. We hope that thanks to the partnership with Ankr, the complexity of deploying your own node will drastically decrease and the number of miners will continue to grow.



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