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Waves Community Call: August 22, 2022

On August 22, Jon Poole, Waves Head of Community unveiled the launch of the Ambassador Program DAO.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are cutting edge social technology, and Waves’ Ambassador Program DAO is leading the way with its streamlined and sophisticated architecture and gamified mechanics.

Read on for a summary of the key takeaways shared during the livestream.

What is the Ambassador Program DAO?

  • A system for motivating, activating, engaging and incentivising community members to support Waves project needs and directives
  • A one size fits all, part-time, fun, volunteer program where the community gets paid to help Waves scale and grow by doing what they were already doing
  • There are five promotional tiers Waves Ambassador’s can progress through. Here’s a sneak peak of the perks each one offers:

Tier 1: Surfer

  • Access to earn through Ambassador Rewards program

Tier 2: Free Diver

  • Onboard new ambassadors, participate in community AMAs

Tier 3: Dive Master

  • Join all hands, attend events, design community campaigns

Tier 4: Aquanauts

  • Organize regional events, competitions, eligible for part-time contracts with Waves

Tier 5: Poseidon/Amphitrite (Ambassador King/Queen)

  • Get featured on the website and blog
  • Members complete tasks to move up tiers, the higher the tier, the more perks, rewards and opportunities become available
  • High-performing Ambassadors gain access to full-time Waves careers

Why is Waves Launching an Ambassador Program?

✔️ Reduces redundant costs and eliminates middleman agencies by tapping into community skill sets:

  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Translation
  • Events
  • Development
  • Design
  • Content
  • PR

✔️ Turn passive community members into active supporters

✔️ Activate large volumes of the community to help market, defend and operate Waves and Waves ecosystem projects

✔️ A community of willing volunteers to help produce any task big and small

✔️ Unite the Waves Communities

✔️ Provide a pathway to community leadership for top members

✔️ Create the structure — technology and processes — to create lasting, incentivized relationships with any community members and influencers

Waves Ambassador Program DAO Roadmap

Sept 1, 2022 — v1: Task & Rewards System

  • KPIs for bounties
  • Basket of tokens allocated for incentives (WAVES, EGG, SPICE, etc.)
  • Tasks that need to be claimed and completed released
  • Monthly Ambassador town hall meetings begin

Q1 2023 — v2: Automation & Tooling

  • Launch of the Ambassador DAO landing page, rewards portal and ticketing hub

Q4 2024 — v3: Decentralization & DAO

  • Waves Ambassador DAO launch
  • Smart contract automation implemented making payment fast, streamlined and transparent

How can you get involved?

✔️ What do you want to see bounties and rewards for?

✔️ What events do you want to see and attend?

✔️ Departments that will need help with tasks include:

  • Marketing
  • Business Development (BD)
  • Operations
  • Translation
  • Events
  • Community
  • Upcoming Waves Ambassador AMAs

✔️ WX Exchange, Neutrino, Waves Ducks, Swop.fi, Vires Finance, Tsunami.Exchange, Puzzle Swap, Pluto, Waves Enterprise

✔️ Over 355 ambassador submissions already in

Check out the full video of the community call here:



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