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2022 will go down in history as a year that has decided to put the entire crypto industry to test. What a ride it was! Not every blockchain and project out there is left standing, and quite a few crypto enthusiasts have lost a sizeable chunk of their enthusiasm. But against all odds, and thanks to our devoted community, we had a wonderful year that showed us the path forward.

Let us take you back and remind you that 2022 was a genuinely good year to play Waves Ducks.

On The Hunt

Our development team has been working day and night to roll out updates, fix bugs, plan out ambitious roadmaps, release DIPs, brainstorm for new mechanics and the expansion of the existing ones. Their hard work has paid off and resulted in a whole new game mode that took it to the streets.

We are talking about Waves Duck Hunt. This augmented reality mode is the true highlight of the year. While seamlessly blending with the core game elements, Duck Hunt turned the game upside down and made it not only more profitable, but also immeasurably more fun to play.

Waves Duck Hunt introduced a new token and an entirely new way to grow your NFT duckies. You’ve been exploring the streets of your cities in search golden eggs, and together walked almost 1.000.000 kilometers! And with the recent release of a full-fledged mobile app for iOS and Android, it seems like the number will be going up even faster.

This year, we had three DIPs, each switching up the game rules and bringing updates requested by the community.

DIP-5 to reimagine Duck Wars. Duck Wars received a serious overhaul as well as a long-awaited expansion of the mechanics. Now battling with your NFT duckies is more convenient, deep, and fun!

DIP-6 to bring back value to NFT ducks. This DIP has tied hatching and breeding mechanics to Duck Hunt via a new token $SPICE. Now there are several steps to acquiring a duck of your own, rather than just straight up hatching it for EGG.

DIP 7 to increase the investment potential of ducks. A unique one, since it was the first time we decided to make a community vote on whether to pass it or not. And although DIP-7 didn’t pass, the updated DIP-7.1 has been accepted by the community. This DIP brings more rewards for hunters and more balanced approach to farming.

Who’s Our Favorite Lifeblood?

Of course, we wouldn’t have made it without the support of our beloved community. 2022 has been rich in fun activities involving our players. The creative team held over 40 events in total. The biggest one was Ducks Winter Fight: in the span of 2 weeks, 57 duckies took part In this activity.

We also had Duck Squad Games returned this year to test the wildest of players. Lots of ducks have stepped into the fiery gates of rebirth, lots of $EGGs have been burned, and lots of fun has been had in countless fights and races.

In 2022, we’ve introduced 23 unique, 100% rare NFT jackpots, many of which have been chosen by you. And the 3 new Genesis ducks have added a great deal of diversity to the breeding gene pool.

Your duckies have been looking fresh and fabulous as never before with 17 artefacts released this year. Some of them are just for pure looks, but some carry powerful abilities allowing players to mess with the game mechanics.

Want more impressive numbers? While battling it out in Duck Wars, you’ve managed to finish 27,030,734 matches, and found 41,226 golden eggs in Duck Hunt. We are grateful to our awesome community and are certain those records will be easily beaten next year.

Let The World Know

When it comes to leaving our mark on the world, the Ducks’ marketing team is unmatched. We’ve stepped outside of our metaverse and went on a journey across the US, attending 3 major crypto events: Permissionless, Consensus, and NFT.NYC. Duckies even made to Times Square. Be sure to check out our full US trip report, and the video reel from the events, it was a lot of fun!

Another major step outside is Waves Ducks getting listed on the biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Waves Ducks is not only about play 2 earn and having fun, but also about people who have empathy for those around them! This year, on International Children’s Day, the Waves Ducks team, along with our contributors, donated to the Save the Children charity from their farming awards for those in need of love and care.

What’s to come in 2023

We have lots of changes and updates in mind, but first, we need to implement all the functionality in the mobile app. This includes:

  • In-app marketplace
  • Signup
  • EGG purchase via card/Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • Integration with Keeper
  • Duck hatching, breeding, and feeding

We intend to introduce Battle Pass that will increase your hunting rewards. Farming 2.0 is also imminent, as well as some drastic changes to Duck Wars. So you better start playing harded and stay tuned for the updates, as the next year promises to be intense!

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