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Waves Ducks Hunt: a Hunter’s Path

What does it mean to be a hunter? Collecting trophies and showing them off? To an extent, but still, hunters belong in the wilds. Nothing beats the thrill one experiences when tracking down their prey, when holding breath to observe it through the sights, when a single flick of a finger could bring you glory and… jackpot.

Well, hunters, we can finally and rightfully call you that. The test release of Waves Ducks Hunt revealed to us the true essence of the community. You’ve been doing what you were always meant to: going out there and hunting. Now, with the official launch, big updates are coming to the game’s mechanics, and those are more life-changing than you might think.

So, how will the hunter’s life change in the light of these updates? Let us say, there will be more hunting action, which will alter the way you play the main game as well. While the DIP-6 has already uncovered most of our plans, there are some details worth mentioning separately.

New reward system

The first thing you will notice is that there are no longer EGG token rewards when you crack open the golden eggs. From now on, the majority of rewards will come in the form of the new token, SPICE. With SPICE, you can grow a duckling into an NFT duck.

Waves Ducks Hunt is being launched worldwide, and besides SPICE, there will be 8 country-specific jackpot ducks (USA, UK, Russia, Spain, Germany, Japan, Philippines and South Korea). Players can also get one special NFT from the famous AR artist, Zoe Winters which can be caught regardless of your location.

Now, this is the important part. You cannot claim your rewards until you purchase an NFT duck with the AR glasses artefact. However, you will still be able to hunt for golden eggs and claim all the rewards later. Those who already had a duck with AR glasses during the test will have to purchase the AR glasses artefact again, but are compensated with 0.1 EGG.

New ducklings

There are now two types of ducklings in the game. Both can be grown with the SPICE token. It takes 100 SPICE to fully raise a duckling.

Genesis duckling. You can get this type of duckling in the Incubator for 1 EGG. Genesis ducklings can only grow into Genesis NFT ducks. Note that it will have a feed limit tied to your Waves Duck Hunt activity.

Breeding duckling. This duckling is a result of breeding of two NFT ducks. Breeding also costs 1 EGG. This duckling will be one generation above the highest-generation parent and comes without any feed limits.

Duck rarity and capacity

The duck’s rarity will determine how many eggs it will lay, the egg spawning distance, and the amount of rewards. Each NFT duck in Waves Ducks Hunt will have a new parameter called Capacity. Capacity shows how many golden eggs a duck can lay and already laid. Capacity is permanently lost upon laying an egg, however, it can be expanded and thus replenished for a fee. The capacity of the ducks that have been laying golden eggs during the beta is reset.

For user convenience, capacity will be visible to everyone on the duck’s page. Pay attention when buying NFT ducks on Marketplace: a duck with spent capacity will not lay any golden eggs, unless you pay for the additional capacity. This attribute will be implemented shortly after the release.

Golden egg spawn changes

Another major change is related to how ducks lay their golden eggs. Previously, ducks have only been laying eggs around their owners. While this still holds true, each egg will now have 5 additional spawn points which will be appearing around other players all over the world. The more often you play, the more likely a golden egg will spawn around you. In this way, even if you don’t own a duck to lay eggs for you or there is not a single duck owner in your area, you will still be able to find and open eggs. A golden egg opened in any of its 6 locations disappears from the map.

Since walking is such an essential part of the game, we decided to amp this aspect up and increase the golden egg spawn radius from 150m-3500m to 500m-7000m around the player. It will increase the distance you’ll have to walk to get to an egg but at the same time, it will enhance your chances of stealing other player’s eggs.

New game flow

By implementing all these changes, we want to introduce a novel dynamic making the game accessible and rewarding for everyone. All you need is to play consistently to see golden eggs spawn all around you.

As a new Waves Ducks Hunt player, you will have two options: either purchase an NFT duck with AR glasses right away and enjoy rewards from the very start, or take your time and look around while playing normally and getting rewards you will be able to claim later. After 7 days, you won’t be able to open any more golden eggs unless you purchase a duck with AR glasses.

Let’s say you’ve been playing Waves Ducks Hunt for some time as an F2P player and suddenly, lady luck has smiled upon you, and you’ve got yourself one of the jackpot ducks. That’s when you might decide that it’s worth it to buy the required NFT. All your rewards accumulated up to this point will be safely stored.

Some features of Waves Ducks Hunt, such as skills, the leveling system and the Capacity attribute are yet to be added to the game, and will be implemented within the following weeks. Players will also be able to recharge thier ducks’ capacity for a fee. The number of available golden eggs gets slightly increased with every recharge, compared to the initial value.

There are tons of neat new mechanics in store for our players, so we will keep you posted on all the Waves Ducks Hunt updates. Join our community on Twitter and Telegram to stay tuned!



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