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Waves Lab Announces New Residents

Waves Lab, the incubator for new projects on the Waves platform, has announced three new initiatives: Paytomat, Tradingene and Digilira.

Paytomat is a blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to find each other and create real-life traction for cryptocurrencies as an emerging method of everyday payments. The pre-sale starts on 2 April.

Paytomat team will receive:
— Funding allocation: 100,000 WAVES from the incubator’s funding budget in exchange for PTI tokens.
— Advisory support: overall ICO advisory, token economics and market fit.
— Marketing Advisory: consulting on project communications strategy, access to Waves community, joint PR activities.
— Additional resources: networking with potential partners, advisors, funds and private investors from across the globe.

Yurii Olentyr, Paytomat CEO, comments: ‘Paytomat is expanding internationally, aiming to bring cryptocurrency usage to everyday life. We’re holding a token sale to help us scale and develop our business. Participating in the Waves Lab is a great boost, backing us with funding and advisory support as well as the endorsement of an influential worldwide community. We chose the Waves platform because it’s very flexible and simple to work with. We easily customized our PTI token using the Waves smart contracts kit. The speed of transactions in this blockchain is lightning fast, which is also an important factor for the user experience of our community members.’

The second Waves Lab resident is Tradingene. It is the first blockchain-based marketplace of trading algorithms, allowing users to create and deploy them to trade cryptocurrencies. During the last three years of development, the team has attracted more than 300 algorithm creators from leading global universities, including mathematicians and programmers experienced in creating trading strategies.

Tradingene will receive a detailed audit and ICO campaign advice from Waves Lab, as well as access to the Waves community and joint PR activities. The project will also gain access to the entire network of contacts and partners of the Waves Lab incubator, including private investors and funds, key crypto opinion leaders and influencers.

COO of Tradingene, Sergey Kuzmin, comments: ‘Whilst most ICOs nowadays use the Ethereum blockchain, Tradingene will employ the fastest and cheapest blockchain — the Waves platform — because we are not simply pursuing short-term benefits but thinking on a fundamentally different timescale. We want not only to make the product user-friendly, but also ready for global scalability in the near future. The speed and cost of transactions for Tradingene users is an extremely important consideration. We want to provide our investors with uncompromising benefits and flexible functionality, and Waves as well as its satellite Waves Lab gives us the right tools to do this. After all, we understand how a comfortable working environment is important to modern traders and investors. Waves and Tradingene are looking in the same direction and putting customer experience at the heart of their products.’

The third participant is Digilira. Digilira is a platform that allows users to convert Turkish liras (TRY) into cryptocurrency tokens named WTRY on the Waves DEX. The WTRY token, issued on top of the Waves platform, is backed 1:1 by real Turkish liras. Digilira therefore serves as a gateway for users to switch between real Turkish liras and WTRY tokens. The Digilira company name is a shortened version of Digital Turkish lira. Digilira opened its doors to customers on 11 December 2017 and now serves more than 8,000 customers. Over 10 million Turkish lira have been deposited and withdrawn from the Digilira gateway, and over 2,600 new Waves wallets have been created so far via Digilira.

Digilira has already received a small amount of start-up funding and the prized status as the official Waves gateway of the Turkish lira. As part of the Waves Lab programme, Waves Lab representatives will work in partnership with the project on such issues as adding more cryptocurrency gateways to the Waves Platform, consulting other projects that want to open a local gateway, and developing a white-label solution for quickly launching any gateway.

COO of Waves Lab Vitaliy Tsigulev comments, ‘We are very pleased to see such strong ICO projects as Tradingene and Paytomat among the participants of the Waves Lab incubator. These are very professional teams that have been developing their companies for many years before holding a token sale. The Digilira project should be singled out separately, because we believe this is an excellent example of uniting the active local Waves community, thanks to which residents of the whole country have more ways of accessing the cryptocurrency markets.’

Join Wavescommunity: http://wavescommunity.com/
Join Waves News channel: https://t.me/wavesnews



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