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Waves Monthly Review: November

An awesome new mobile app, new functionality on the way and some fantastic meetups — find out what’s been going on with Waves this November!

Waves has had a great November, with the release of our new mobile app and several other important developments. We’re continuing to build some outstanding tech to bring blockchain to the mainstream and our community is growing. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past month! If you just want the quick version, take a look at our video:


Node Team

The main development on the cards for our network right now is Smart Assets. These will enable users to attach the same kind of conditions to tokens as they currently can to Waves accounts — allowing a whole new list of powerful use cases. Imagine tokens that can be transferred or traded only with permission or after a certain amount of time; tokens that can only be exchanged against certain currencies, and a whole load more tools that will facilitate entirely new business models.

Smart Assets are currently being put through their paces on TestNet. Look out for them on MainNet — we’ll be releasing them into the wild as soon as possible.

Client Team

Mobile app update
The big news here is the all-new mobile app.

This comprehensive update of the previous app is a thing of beauty and makes Waves easier than ever before to use. It includes the most popular features of the Waves platform — including DEX, crypto and fiat gateways, leasing and token management — as well as key security features such as Face ID and fingerprint scanning. Keys are encrypted and are never exposed to the web.

Beta test results
The beta test was an extremely useful process that helped us iron out glitches and refine the app, so we want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of our community members who helped with that process. We’ve paid out a total of 3,300 WAVES in rewards to our testers.

Multi-sig for the desktop Client
The desktop Client now boasts multi-sig support, meaning that ordinary users can create accounts with two or more signatories without needing any programming experience. This will also build confidence and help adoption, since funds can be held even more safely than before. Check out this YouTube tutorial for more details.

Waves Keeper
Finally, Waves Keeper is available in the Chrome Web Store. We’re working on versions for other browsers, and soon you’ll see it everywhere. It’s a great addition to the Waves ecosystem that allows you to sign transactions from your browser, a lot like MetaMask does for Ethereum. Once again, it’s an important step to make Waves more user friendly and accessible.



We’ve had a series of great meetups, all around the world. On 14 November Waves held a meetup in Perth, Australia, where we were supported by the local government of Perth city. Representatives of the city hall came to listen to how blockchain can help improve industrial processes

On 28 November in Toronto, Canada, we enjoyed an interesting meeting in which Waves Ambassador Denis Serebryakov talked about loyalty programs on the blockchain. While conventional loyalty is certainly a big use case for crypto, and numerous initiatives are exploring this, the potential that crypto has to incentivise and reward different activities goes far beyond commercial loyalty.

Our meeting in Barcelona on 28 November was dedicated to gaming, and a number of developers attended. Remarkably, Tradisys — blockchain development, trading and smart contracts consultants — joined the meeting remotely and discussed how to use smart contracts in games, including some of the specifics of the process.

On 29 November Waves held a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, at Nova University. The event was hosted by our Ambassador, Nelson Lopes, who is technical director of ASSOFT — portuguese association of software companies with over 1k members. The CMVM (the Portuguese equivalent of the SEC) were in the audience, and were very interested about various aspects of blockchain technology. The CMVM have previously participated in similar events, and their objectives are twofold. Firstly, they want to explore the possibility of conducting projects with institutions like NOVA IMS, particularly in the area of financial education. Secondly, they want to monitor financial innovation in order to be able to identify regulatory issues, whether in terms of investor protection, or for digital asset issuers and project financing. Lastly, two developers from the Ministry of Health attended. They wanted to know more about how they could use blockchain to register and certify healthcare data.

Dev Relations

Waves Dev Relations department exists to make it easier for developers to build applications on Waves, harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology without having to worry about engaging directly with the underlying protocol. In short, whatever they want to build, we make tools to help them do it.

Development Toolkit
We have now created a repository that will enable developers to launch their own blockchains quickly and easily. This package includes an Explorer, Data Service, Client and Private Blockchain. We’re calling this our Developers Toolkit, and expect it to be an important resource for testing. Everything can be launched with one command from the console, massively simplifying the whole testing and development process. As an example, it will be possible to launch a new chain with custom parameters like block generation time. You can find out more here.

The previous and widely-used JavaScript library has now been deprecated. We have created two new, more powerful and more convenient libraries, which include support for smart assets. You can find our updated GitHub here.

Gaming Project update

The Waves gaming project is going well. We’ve had over 30 applications to date to participate in the initiative, including from some very interesting companies. We’re still receiving applications, so if you’re a game developer who wants to integrate blockchain with your product, please get in touch!

Waves in the Media

In November we saw an unbelievable 967 mentions of Waves Platform in media worldwide. Here are some of the most interesting pieces:

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Decentralization on the Blockchain Is a Pipe Dream

Waves Blockchain Platform Releases Smart Crypto Assets on TestNet

Waves Blockchain Platform Launches Waves Keeper Extension

The Daily: Bitpay Adds Another Stablecoin, Waves to Launch Exchange in Malta


It’s been a good month for Waves. The platform was founded on the ideal of making blockchain easy to use for both individuals and businesses, which is exactly what we’ve been doing. We’re looking forward to delivering on more of our commitments over the coming weeks and months. We’re always pleased to hear your feedback, so please let us know if there are any features you’d like to see or any other comments you have!



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