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Waves Monthly: September Review

This month has been a very active one for development. We have made many improvements to our platform and made one especially big step forward in Waves’ development!

With the release of some long-awaited features, Waves matures from a custom tokens network to something more robust, versatile and sophisticated: a blockchain platform with an extensive and powerful toolkit that contains all the features businesses need to implement their new projects. We’ll give an overview of what’s recently been added below.

If you’re pushed for time, you can find the edited highlights in this video.


Node Team

The Waves Node Team have truly excelled themselves this time, and have made exceptional progress in the development of the software — bringing to life some of the features we have all been waiting for with such interest.

MainNet Node release

The most significant achievement by the Waves team in September was Node Release v.0.14.6 on MainNet. This saw the launch of a new system protocol for the Waves blockchain that enables Smart Accounts functionality.

Smart Accounts were activated on 26 September after their unanimous acceptance by miners in the voting process for the new feature.

DEX Matcher update

Beyond that milestone, we have refined the Matcher to maintain greater stability, increase the speed of its working cycles, and bring a better user experience to DEX traders.

We have managed to improve performance for the following operations:

  • Creation and cancellation of orders
  • Requesting a list of user orders
  • Order Book request for the traded pair

We plan to keep working on this to continue to improve performance.

Upcoming functionality

The team has been developing a new tranche of features for the next release. We already have a release on TestNet 0.15.0 for this functionality:

Trading with Smart Accounts

In version 0.15 we are enabling trading with Smart Accounts. Scripts now have the ability to validate ExchangeTransactions and Orders. You can read a full description of this new feature on the Waves forum.

Smart Assets

We already have Smart Accounts that allow users to flexibly control transactions on a certain address. Smart Accounts are implemented with scripts and we’re now considering applying scripts to assets as well. Similar to Smart Accounts, Smart Assets are assets with a script that is validated at every transaction. You can join in the discussion on the forum and share your opinions about this feature.

Client Team

Sponsored transactions

We have added the Sponsored Transactions feature. This enables your token users to pay transaction fees to you in your token instead of WAVES, while miners are compensated from your own balance. The impact of this is that your users don’t need to have WAVES in their accounts, so users, developers and businesses don’t have to deal with the cost and complexity of topping up accounts with WAVES for transaction fees. However, miners still get paid in WAVES, addressing spam and helping to ensure the security of the network.

Desktop app authentication

Waves desktop application now supports authentication for third-party web resources. If any site requires auth in Waves, this can be carried out securely through your desktop app. You won’t have to enter your SEED/private key or password on the site.

New languages support

We have added Polish and Portuguese to the Client, making our platform more accessible to these two major communities. We hope to see their activity increase even further with this native language support!


Ambassadors program

The Ambassadors team is rapidly expanding into more and more countries! New people are joining the team and helping us to increase awareness about Waves platform and influence the public in strategically important areas. We are still running the program and you can become one of this vital team. Check out this page and apply to join our Ambassadors!


We held a series of meetups in different countries in September, including Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Singapore, Malta, Russia and Azerbaijan.

One of the highlights was the meetup in St. Petersburg, where a group of like-minded enthusiasts gathered and gave us a particularly warm welcome, and a friendly evening with a great deal of exciting discussion.

In addition, we held our very first meetup in Singapore. This was a wonderful experience. The meeting exceeded all our expectations and demonstrated great prospects for Waves in this region. We are delighted that we now have a community in Singapore and intend to develop it in the future.

Dev Relations

Special thanks must go to our Developer Advocate, Inal Kardanov, who has been highly active in terms of developer relations. Inal has worked hard to communicate with other developers and interested parties, particularly in the field of smart contracts. We want to say a big thank you for his work in making this topic easier to understand, and for his tireless willingness to provide answers and information in real life and in his articles. We have launched several initiatives designed to increase adoption of the technology and positively impact network growth.

Community Nodes Program

We recently launched a program to support further decentralisation of the network by incentivising the community to set up new nodes. We have decided to keep the program running, so you still can take part — join the discussion on the forum to find out more!

First Game on Waves Blockchain

Developers from Tradisys have implemented a ‘Tic Tac Toe’ game on the Waves smart contracts and demonstrated it at the Waves meetup in St. Petersburg. Take a look on their GitHub.

Smart Contracts: ‘first steps’ guides

We have created a comprehensive guide to Waves smart contracts to help you better understand what they are and how to use them. Guides are available on our blog here and here.

Updated IDE

We have refined the RIDE IDE design and improved user experience. We have added more commands to the console and simplified existing commands to speed up the development process. And, of course, we have fixed all known bugs in the RIDE Compiler.

We are planning to add syntax highlighting and enable support for multiple accounts in the RIDE IDE for Smart Contracts debugging.


This month was good not only for software development, but also brought some good news in the area of business development. Needless to say, this is as critically important as the creation of strong software: without such partnerships, our platform would not gain the userbase it deserves. We’re therefore thrilled that the following organisations have recognised the potential of Waves.


Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov met with Hon. Dr Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, and representatives of the Maltese government, to discuss potential scenarios for the use of the Waves platform in the state’s government and corporate sectors. Read more on our blog.


The biggest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange has listed WAVES. We understand that Bithumb have their own standards for coin listings, and having carried out checks determined that WAVES met their high standards. Further details can be found here.


We have partnered with Ledger. This integration will bring Waves Client users a new level of security for every transaction they make.

Waves in Media

In September we’ve got 397 mentions of Waves Platform in media worldwide. Here are the most interesting pieces:

How Snapchat’s Struggles Could Be Solved By Blockchain” — Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of Waves Platform shares his opinion on the blockchain role in the future model of social interaction.
via Forbes

Waves Platform Negotiating with Malta Government Amidst Growing Relocation Trend” — The Waves Project’s CEO, Sasha Ivanov, is engaged in negotiations with the Maltese government in an effort to gain all the proper accreditation in order to run operations on the island.
via NewsBTC

Smart Contracts Arrive On Waves Mainnet” — After a successful voting process, smart contract functionality is now available on the Waves platform. The first phase, named Smart Accounts, is live on the Waves MainNet.
via Invest In Blockchain

Manufacturing Giant Rostec to Manage Data on Waves Blockchain Platform” — Rostec, the Russian manufacturing conglomerate, is entering the blockchain fray and going to use Waves technologies.
via Coindesk



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