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Waves Protocol in 2021: WavesFi Becoming

From AMM exchanges to viral products and innovative mechanics, the past year has brought many new applications to the Waves ecosystem that form the unique value of WavesFi. We would like to zoom out a little bit and look at what has been achieved, together with the community, in 2021.

Feb. 5

SWOP token launch

The first Waves-based AMM exchange, Swop.fi, released its governance token, SWOP. This allowed us to enable liquidity mining as well as to provide substantial returns to the early bird program participants. Currently, the overall liquidity surpasses the $20 million mark with a number of liquidity pools offering up to 100% APY.

Apr. 15

Waves Ducks release

This project holds a special place in our hearts, as it has allowed Waves to tap into the world of gaming and create a whole new metaverse with tons of fun and profitable activities. Over 153,000 users experienced the joy of collecting NFT ducks and the power of farming EGG, which went from $10 to $600 in price. But we’re not stopping there: the introduction of play to earn is just the first step to mass adoption and the entire world dominated by ducks.

Jul. 21

Vires.Finance launch

One of the defining milestones for Waves that offers a whole set of earning opportunities. Vires is a lending protocol featuring 7 tokens and allowing users to supply crypto funds with impressive APY as well as borrow them on a collateral basis. Within the first months, the protocol reached a total liquidity of $1 billion and released a governance token with staking capabilities.

Nov. 4

Waves.Exchange IDO and Liquidity pools

Raising $50 million in less than 29 hours, the WX token IDO is arguably the most notable event in the Waves ecosystem this year. At the same time, liquidity pools is the most promising investment product on Waves.Exchange to date. Pools have been met with great acclaim and are continuing to bring up to 350% income for liquidity providers. More pools and WX token governance opportunities are coming.

Dec. 10

Puzzle Swap launch

With this new generation exchange, we’ve transcended into the reality of DeFi 2.0 by introducing mega pools capable of supporting multiple assets instead of pairs. The native token, PUZZLE, has grown from $0.10 to $26 within days due to its deflationary tokenomics. Puzzle Swap combines separate aspects of other DeFi projects and delivers them in a single neat package.

2022 is going to bring even more quality apps to the Waves ecosystem. Expect to see Waves DAO, advances within the Metaverse, development news on DEX aggregator and more. And with the brand new Mainnet node version, we’re going to enable Metamask for the majority of our apps, which will further accelerate the capital inflow.



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