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Waves: the Global Ride

Waves is charting a course around the global market to promote its technologies and products.

Waves technology should be marketed globally

Waves has always been a worldwide project, and our international community is the result and proof of this. Now, we are moving away from local projects and rethinking our development strategy. Waves technology should become the property of the whole world, and we will make every effort to deliver our solutions to this goal.

To begin this process, we knew we had to stop working on local projects. This is why Vostok was sold, also freeing up resources for the start of our big campaign to conquer the global market.

Technology for the Enterprise

Waves is a global ecosystem, suitable for application in many different areas. This is not only a blockchain platform, but a new Web3 approach to implementing a wide range of processes in business, public institutions and even government agencies. Blockchain is a foundation that allows you to build a wide variety of technologies on top of it, enabling these to work more smoothly thanks to the principle of decentralisation and robust consensus algorithms.

We are developing an enterprise solution within the ecosystem — Waves Enterprise. We have the technological basis and groundwork for the launch of complex products for corporations that have high demands in terms of speed, versatility, reliability and security.

Waves Enterprise technology will become a universal solution, enabling its users to run any algorithms — from smart contracts to neural networks — in any popular programming language with the help of an automated system for deployment and management of applications: Docker.

VST will lay the foundation of the Web3.0 economy for Waves Enterprise, enabling control of (and payment for) app development, as well as other ecosystem solutions. VST is the network’s internal currency and a technical token for the public network, needed for connecting your node to the network, paying operational (mining) fees, and anchoring corporate sub-chains to the main chain.

In the near future, the Waves Enterprise project will not seek investment, to avoid shifting the focus away from the development of Waves Enterprise technologies and their dissemination to the global market. It is important for us first to bring the project to a successful launch, and then it will be possible to talk about further funding rounds. When this ultimately occurs, further VST will be sold at a price of no less than $1.60.

We’re accelerating! Buckle up!

Up to the end of 2019, our developers will be focusing on the release of several features that will radically change the Waves landscape, including:

  • Passive (leasing) income and mining profitability. In autumn 2019 we will apply an update that will raise the profitability of mining and leasing. This will increase leasing revenues to 5–10% annually. This is a new approach that allows people to receive income, similar to interest within the banking sector. We believe that the future of the global crypto economy lies in this direction. Your existing balance will allow you to earn significant amounts of money — it’s amazing! We are striving to make the economy inside the Waves ecosystem as sustainable as possible and to enable people to receive meaningful passive income. We know that you’ll have lots of questions about this, and we’ll be explaining more about it in due course.
  • Provably secure consensus. At the end of 2019, we will make a release that will be another major milestone in the development of the ecosystem — an improved consensus algorithm. New cryptographic algorithms will be implemented into the system, giving us provably secure consensus.
  • Sidechains. At the end of this year, as we’ve previously shown on our roadmap, we will launch sidechains. These will increase network performance and bring scalability to a new level. Sidechains will be part of the preparation for the transition to a new stage of development of the system — Waves 2.0.
  • Waves 2.0. In Q4 2019, the white paper for Waves 2.0 will be published. This will be a system that will incorporate best practices in decentralised system development and enable a radical increase in productivity. The first prototype of the Waves 2.0 mainnet is planned for launch in Q2 2020. Then we will begin a smooth transition of the Waves infrastructure to a new mainnet, due to the functionality of the sidechains that will be able to interact with each other. Waves 2.0 is a new type of platform that combines public and private solutions. Eventually, the development of our private Waves Enterprise solution and public Waves Platform blockchain will be merged.

Company growth

As part of this global development, we will expand the company. For the development and promotion of Waves Enterprise, we will open an integrator company in Europe. Also as part of the development of the ecosystem, we plan to open an office of developers in Europe. We are currently working on various options and directions for opening new offices, and will keep our community updated on these developments — so stay tuned!



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