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WAVES Weekly No. 29

Blockchain Developers Meetup & Blockchain Weekend

Another meet-up for developers will be held in Moscow on 9 February. The main topic of the event with be the Hyperledger project, and the opportunities it brings for developers and crypto businesses as a whole. The main guests for the event will be the National Settlement Depository and IBM Research and Development Center.

On 18–19 February a Blockchain Weekend event will be held. Sasha Ivanov will explain what blockchain technology is, how and why it will change every industry without exception, and how to implement it properly. Participants will be able to learn about smart contracts and successful use cases, including how large companies are already implementing blockchain technology today.

Waves Platform fully supports both events.

Update from Tolsi, Waves Core Node Developer

A part of our team is working now on improving the architecture of our code for us to be easier to develop and maintain the node source code. We have recently combined the entire source code of our node in a single repository, also we test DEX with our respected community and we are actively developing leasing feature(LPOS). This will give an opportunity to lease your mining power to another user while having your balance on your side. Stay tuned, love Waves!

Tidex Update

Last week, WAVES was integrated on Tidex and this week should see the first Waves assets being listed. Tidex is still in beta, and bounties are still available for anyone who can help improve the UX, and especially the API. Security bugs will earn 1,000 WAVES or more, depending on severity. To find out more, join the #tidex Slack channel. The exchange is powered by iCoinSoft team.

To clarify the position between Tidex and Waves, the exchange is being developed and maintained by a team of Russian and Ukrainian coders. However, it will be registered in the UK, and has the full confidence, backing and endorsement of the Waves team. Sasha will effectively be the exchange’s public face.

Liquidity is critical for most altcoins and tokens, and trading fees stifle this — even when they are as low as 0.2%. Tidex wants to become a lynchpin of the new crypto economy, and will therefore offer zero trading fees at start. The exchange’s revenues will instead come from subscriptions for coin listings, as well as a variety of other sources. Tidex and the Waves team will run market-making bots on the exchange to guarantee liquidity. Furthermore, Tidex will act as a ‘Matcher’ node for Waves’ decentralised exchange (DEX), enabling real-time trades on the Waves blockchain.

More Exchanges

Two further exchanges have added WAVES in the last week: Liqui and Cryptopia. We are in contact with a number of other exchanges. Once an exchange has integrated WAVES, it is a relatively straightforward matter to list Waves assets, too. (Incent has already been added to Cryptopia, for example.)

Bitcoin Gateway

The bitcoin gateway is almost ready and will be deployed as soon as possible. This will make it possible to deposit and withdraw BTC as tokens on the Waves blockchain, from the Lite client. When DEX is live, these can be traded against any other tokens. The BTC gateway will also mean that the Byteball windfall of 35 BTC can be distributed to Waves Community Token holders. Regardless of whether the gateway is ready or not, the plan is to distribute those BTC tokens this week.

Further News and Information

· Two major ICO pre-ANNs are expected in the coming week.

· The Waves challenge is still running — win 1,000 WAVES!

· The next distribution of WCT will occur on 16 February. Only WAVES held in a local wallet are eligible.

· Be aware of fake assets: always check the token id before trading.

Waves Nodes and Lite Client Reminders

If you would like to run a full node, please download the latest releases at https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/releases/. Anyone can run a node, but you will need at least 10,000 WAVES to generate blocks. You can read the installation guide here.

For regular users the Lite client can be downloaded from https://wavesplatform.com. Do not download the client from other sources for security reasons. (Please be aware that there have been issues with fake github repositories, as well as fake Twitter accounts and Slack identities.) Alternatively, the standalone Chrome app will automatically update as new versions are released.

Waves Weekly Crypto Round-up

In episode #17 we gain our usual overview of the bitcoin, traditional markets and update from Sasha.

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