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We Are Launching Gaming Project: One Million WAVES for Game Developers

It’s hotting up here as we launch a new project aimed at promoting our ground-breaking tech to the $100 billion gaming industry.

The crypto world has long recognised that blockchain has much to offer the massive and fast-growing gaming industry. What is remarkable, blockchain perfectly fits with current gameplay mechanics — players are familiar with coins and understand the value of digital items. In-game economies can benefit enormously from tokenization and the opportunities that arise from creating unique digital items that can be traded on a transparent and secure peer-to-peer market. This will help to get rid of the black market, which is estimated at $60 million and provides many problems with accounts hacking and deceived users. Tokenization should contribute to further development of new mechanics for the gameplay, erasing the edge between digital and physical objects, because each item becomes unique and its history can be traced from the moment of creation.

These are exactly the tools and innovations the Waves team will deliver by providing convenient tools for developers to integrate blockchain into their games — quickly, easily and with an outstanding UX.

Waves Platform enters the huge and thriving global market of gaming companies, developers and gamers themselves with a major campaign. A total fund of one million WAVES will be offered to motivate developers to build their games on the Waves blockchain.

‘This initiative was launched to showcase the versatility of Waves technology and stimulate its adoption in such an important industry as gaming. I believe that the gaming sector will be an enthusiastic adopter of blockchain, and will drive its widespread use. Given the mutual opportunity here, we are more than ready to reward developers for the effort they make in implementing their projects within Waves ecosystem,’ explains Sasha Ivanov, Waves Founder and CEO.

We have recently released smart contracts, and our development team is working on creation of non-fungible tokens — a critical element for the growing number of blockchain games that incorporate an in-game economy.

Who are we looking for?

  • Game development teams with existing blockchain-based games who want to transfer their products to the Waves platform.
  • Experienced game development teams with projects in progress, who are considering integrating Waves blockchain functionality into their games.
  • Qualified development teams with game prototypes, who would like to explore integrating Waves blockchain into their products.

Ultimately, our focus is on developing the key tools that blockchain need to integrate tokens and blockchain tech into their games and enable them to push the boundaries of what’s currently possible in their games.

Easy token creation

Waves is the only blockchain where a token is NOT a smart contract, but an ASSET that can be created in a minute without any coding.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Unique, trackable tokens that can be transferred and traded offer a new kind of prestige and opportunities — just like a physical trophy awarded for winning a gaming tournament!

Software Development Kit (SDK)

We’re creating an SDK to make blockchain integration easier than ever, enabling developers to plug token operations straight into their games.

White-label exchange

Waves’ decentralised exchange (DEX) offers a perfect template for your own marketplace. Rebrand it, assign your own rules to customise your built-in exchange and monetise your items however you want!

Browser plug-in & Mobile wallet

Some games require players to sign a large number of transactions. To make this process smoother we introduce safe one-click approval tools, both on mobile and browser.

The Waves team will be helping developers by providing extensive advice and assistance for embedding Waves functionality into their games. Comprehensive support will be given, including help with technical integration and all the necessary documentation. That’s to say nothing of the millions of dollars of total backing the best projects will receive in crypto to make their ideas a reality!

We have introduced the gaming project on the Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, October 17–18. During the conference our blockchain engineer, Yuriy Naydenov has presented the project and conducted a contest for game developers — to make a simple game with included Waves functionality in it, and we got three winners that took their rewards: 750, 500, 250 $WAVES.

You can find all the photos from the event here.

Visit Waves gaming project website: https://games.wavesplatform.com



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