Why Waveum?

And what problems did we try to solve?

There are basic operations that are simply too complex to perform today:

  1. Manage a large number of wallets without having to remember the private key for each ones
  2. Provision and share wallets at enterprise level in a single click
  3. Store wallet keys on a (ultra-secure) server rather than inside a browser plugin (too primitive) or on a cryptocurrency exchange (too risky)
  4. Manipulate ethers and tokens easily without having knowledge of contract addresses
  5. Protect conversations and the digital content we share with each other
  6. Keep our life absolutely private and prevent mining of our personal data

So we created a very sophisticated end-to-end encryption framework and built a real-time collaborative network on top of it. Then we connected this network to Ethereum, powered the thing on and called it Waveum.

This network protects your data and wallets with defense-grade encryption, keeps your life private and makes Ethereum user-friendly at both individual and enterprise level.

We’d love for you to test Waveum out and give us feedback. Sign up is here . Check our tutorial on how to register here and how to create an end-to-end encrypted wallet here.

In term of next steps, this is what we have in mind:

  1. Deploying Waveum on top of Ethereum Mainnet. We are only running on top of Kovan Testnet for now.
  2. Adding the support of ERC-721 tokens (CryptoKitties!)
  3. Adding the support of DApp to our wallet
  4. Connecting to other blockchains such as Ethereum Classic, EOS, NEO, Stellar, and maybe even Bitcoin
  5. Building a native mobile app for Waveum
  6. Moving more of our core modules to Ethereum when it makes sense (i.e. low gas cost)

Let us know what you think below. Thanks!