Have a look at the top rated Rock and folk Bands from Kolkata

legendary Abraham Majumder conducting Kolkata music academy.

It had been observed from the ages that Kolkata and its surroundings had produced a great number of quality musicians, artists and bands. Almost at every house you will find a music instrument which reflects their love and passion for music.

Rock /band culture came to Kolkata when Gautam Chatterjee started his journey with Mohiner Ghoraguli with his team in the mid 70's. It wasn’t easy to inject a new cultural element into a society. But their hard effort didn’t got wasted as thousands of bands was born afterwards and followed their path. We had a talk with the only living member of band Mohiner Ghoraguli, Mr. Abraham Majumder and he showed how it all happened.

Now we will guide you about some great bands which helped in changing the the definition band culture into the state.

Fossils came to be at a time when ‘Bangla Rock’ was taking baby footsteps. The little work that was happening in the genre of ‘rock music’ was limited to ‘one off’ songs among many. No constructive effort was made to establish the genre of ‘rock’ in the bengali music scenario. Fossils burst onto this scene and changed it.

Rupam Islam, after his debut solo album launched in 1998, went on to form Fossils a year later, with a handful of musical colleagues who shared his vision of a band that would push the envelope in contemporary Bengali rock.

Average Bengali was not used to the idea of Bangla rock. A very small percentage of the mass would listen to rock music which was essentially in the English language. There was also a severe lack of identification with the local music culture which was only doing English rock music. This led to a sense of dissatisfaction, leaving the youth disoriented and confused.

Some hope had to germinate… Or rather, a statement — Bold and emphatic! By the youth and for the youth…


CACTUS”, an outfit that catered to the thirsty youth, was born. We derived our name from the fact that the music scene was then devoid of life as in a desert. And despite the odds, like a cactus.

They have been an integral part of the city’s music scene since the late nineties. They started their journey under the guidance of Late Gautam Chattyopadhyay. Having released 5 albums, they have been one of the pioneers of Bangla rock. They are the first ever Bangla band whose videos were aired on Channel [V] Asia.

Chandrabindoo came at the early 90’s. Their unique and quality music brought them into limelight and consistently they had delivered quality music.

Chandrabindoo was made by initially Upal Sengupta with Anindya Chatterjee in Late 90s when they were College Students. Chandril Bhattacharya joined them as a Lyricist and Non-Regular Singer. Anindya and Upal are the Lead Singers of this Band.

Bhoomi is a Bengali urban folk music group based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Starting its journey in 1999[1] it soon become hugely popular and performed in various local, national and international platforms. In July 2006 they performed at the United Nations headquarter in New York.

So we are looking forward to work with them very shortly and our approach will be to deliver the taste of Bengali music to different places and societies.

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