What Buffer’s “The State of Social Media 2016 Report” Means for Podcasters

Here at Wavve, we are huge fans of Buffer. Their social media scheduling/posting application has been one of our favorite marketing tools that we implemented in 2016. With over 2 million registered users & millions in revenue, it’s clear that Buffer knows social media better than most.

That is why we put a lot of stock in their recent “The Future of Social Media (And How to Prepare For It): The State of Social Media 2016 Report” posted on the Buffer Blog. The Buffer team collected data from over 1,200 marketers to create the report and extracted the objectives, challenges, goals, & insights that are most important to marketers.

We work with more podcasters than we do marketers (helping them create shareable video content). We also produce a podcast so we know that marketing audio brings it’s own set of challenges that your average marketing professional isn’t going to face. However, many of the key takeaways from the report still apply to marketing a podcast. Let’s dive in to the 3 key takeaways from the report, see how they relate to podcast marketing, and discuss some social media strategies that could help.

1. Video is about to hit the peak! Now’s the time to get on.

Much of the Buffer State of Social Media report emphasizes the importance for a video marketing strategy. And for good reason! Social Media Today reported earlier this year that native video posts have a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Video also ranks higher within Facebook’s news feed algorithm (via entreprenuer.com article)as the social media giant looks to grow Facebook Live & multi-media viewership on their platform.

Hang on. Podcasters create audio, not video! How are we supposed to do this? Well, it’s time to get creative. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Record a quick promo with your mobile device. Record a quick video right after recording your podcast and talk about how awesome the episode is going to be. Drop a few promo lines and preview the content & discussions. Keep it short & have fun.
  2. Get behind the scenes. Video is a great way to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your recording setup, studio, and how you prepare for podcast episodes. These short videos can be re-purposed and used multiple times.
  3. Create your own videos. Pull out iMovie and combine a still image with an audio clip to create a shareable video for social posting.
  4. Try using Wavve. <!! — shameless plug alert — > Wavve is a tool built specifically for turning audio clips into custom-branded, shareable video content that looks great on social media. Check it out here and give it a spin with a free account. Here is a sample clip created by one of our users:

“The takeaway: Marketers want to be making more video but can’t.

If you can find a way to create video content easily, you might be able to beat the rush!”

2. No one has left Facebook! Almost every marketer is using Facebook (93%) and Facebook ads (91%).

I have mixed feelings about Facebook. Obviously, many marketers are killing it with Facebook ads. If you have the funds, the ROI on Facebook ads are impressive.

But once again, this is another big difference with podcasters: We generally don’t have much of a budget. The news feed algorithms make it difficult to gain social traction unless your page already has a solid following. Let’s get creative again #BeatTheSystem:

  1. Start a Facebook group. This is one of the best ways to cut through Facebook’s algorithms and leverage them in your favor. Invite your audience to a Facebook group and provide a safe place to discuss that niche topic you love talking about. This takes time but is well worth the effort once you build a strong Facebook group. Need an example? She Podcasts has built a community of 4,482 podcasters on Facebook that are extremely active and talk all things podcasting!
  2. Use your personal network. You may not realize it but you have been building an audience on Facebook for years. Share news, episodes, & updates about your Podcast with your personal network and ask friends to share along. Just be sure to also mix in some cute puppy pictures & memes to keep your personal followers happy 😂😂.
  3. Setup Facebook’s Open Graph Stories. If you are driving podcast traffic by sharing links to your own website, make sure you are familiar with how Facebook’s Open Graph Stories work. If you use Wordpress or another CMS, you should have access to an SEO plugin to set these up.

3. Only 1 in 5 respondents use social media for customer support

Buffer was surprised with this one. Only 21 percent of businesses listed customer support as a reason to use social media. It makes sense, most businesses don’t want customers voicing confusion or frustration on social media.

This does call out an important point: Social Media is the best way to interact and engage with your audience. How awesome does it feel when someone actually re-posts or replies to a tweet or Instagram picture that you posted? Use this to your advantage:

  1. Build a community. Get your audience talking with one another and reacting to each episode. A strong community is almost a must for anyone looking to grow their podcast. Give your listeners a sense of belonging by engaging them on social media.
  2. Ask for feedback. What did your listeners like about the episode? What do they want more of? The only way to find out is ask!
  3. Make them feel special. If a listener goes out of their way to mention your podcast or episode on social, they deserve some love! Hit them with a retweet and respond to kick off a conversation.

Alright, it’s that easy! Just do those things and your podcast will blow up on social in 2017.

Yeah, right. Every audience is different and it takes time to grow.

We know just as well as anyone that social media success takes a lot of time, patience, & practice. Heck, we are still learning too! Our approach? Experiment & (most importantly) have fun. The best marketers are always trying new strategies and testing their effectiveness. Start small. Go back and review the list above and pick 3 tactics to test over the next month. If they work, let us know (Tweet us @wavve)!

Keep creating awesome content and#ShareThatAudio.