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Wavvys #17 September 2020 Music Awards ~ Keo Nozari, Punchbowl Astronauts, EASY FREAK, Jonny Faith

Welcome to the September edition of the Wavvy Music Accolades, where we recognize incredible music from around the world with under 100,000 plays.

The Wavvys are held by cxc.world, an online map of music any artist can contribute to, and any fans can gift exposure to artists they love with just a click.

Watch the winning music playlist here:

This is a playlist containing all the music mentioned in full, so stay tuned!

🏆 Winners 🏆

Music Video 🏆

Lines by Keo Nozari

📍 New York City, New York, USA
See this track on our music map 🗺️

This track spreads a message we collectively need to hear right now. All the lines separating us are made up. They aren’t real, and we don’t have to, nor should we follow them.

The music video features psychedelic colors and, well, lines. It’s an energetic and eclectic experience meant to point us in the direction of collective consciousness experience, a reality more and more are tuning into every day.

🕵 Discovered with 11,493 views, 70 likes on Youtube

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🔗 Find Keo on: keology.com

Single 🏆

In Surround Sound by Punchbowl Astronauts

📍 New Haven, Connecticut, USA
See this track on our music map 🗺️
This is a well rounded sound that reminds me of the power ballads of the 80s. It’s full of bright sound, expansive emotion, and colorful textures.

Relatable lyrics, powerful vocals, and all the instruments and backing vocals come together to fill out an incredible track.

We found this one organically on the map, and it’s a wonderful example of why we made cxc.world in the first place, to showcase incredible underground sounds.

🕵 Discovered on cXc Music with 920 views, 60 likes on Youtube

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Live Performance 🏆

EASY FREAK — More Love (Performed Live)

📍 Johannesburg, South Africa
See this track on our music map 🗺️

EASY FREAK brings us a carefree summer vibe in this live performance of their EP More Love. This band jams as one unit, while the lead singer lays punchy pop vocals with solid delivery. The drummer also comes in with some lovely soulful vocal fills, giving us two distinct vibes in one performance. There’s also a really wild keyboard solo in there. EASY FREAK is one of those bands that’s just easy to vibe with.

🕵 Discovered with 1,382 views, 94 likes on Youtube

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Album 🏆

Garden of Zen EP by Jonny Faith

📍 Melbourne, Australia
See this track on our music map 🗺️

Bringing peaceful vibes from Japan and beyond, the Garden of Zen EP comes in tea-hot with relaxing meld of synths, real instruments, and sparse, well placed samples. It’s the type of music that is great to work to, or just relax.

All the proceeds from Bandcamp purchases (and all other purchases) will go toward providing support to those struggling with mental health.

🕵 Discovered with ~25 views, 2 likes on Youtube (more on other platforms)

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🔗 Find Jonny Faith on: jonnyfaith.com

📰 News Section

Headline: Wavvy NFTs a GO

We’ve had a lot of exciting seeds start to sprout in the last few weeks.

Starting with the Wavvys
We are launching a NFT (A Unique Token) for Wavvys winners, possibly the first use of NFTs as trophies in an awards show. All winners, past and future, will get a unique, non-tradable NFT detailing their win, and also 12 limited-edition tradable copies they can trade or sell.

In cxc.world news, we have selected the Wax blockchain to run the next version of cXc Music, and are currently integrating it into Beta. Once Beta launches, every song maker will earn crypto when their songs get upvotes, and listeners will also get crypto for sending an upvote, and for adding music on the map. You can also earn for correcting things like location and genre / Mood / Format information, and adding missing player links.

We launched a cXc.world Telegram group, join us!

Finally, We have powered up over 3,000 HP to upvote music on Hive. We will be upvoting all original music posts in our World of Music community. You can easily share your music you already posted on cXc Music to your Hive blog with just a click, then you can crosspost the music onto the World of Music community on Peakd.com or hive.blog.

ℹ️ About the Wavvy Music Accolades🕺 🌊

An accolade is a recognition of merit. We started the Wavvy Music Accolades to recognize AWESOME music that has somehow remained (relatively) undiscovered.

✔️ Rules

  • Any submission to cxc.world is eligible to win, regardless of genre/mood 👉 Learn how to post on cXc Music
  • Winners must have UNDER 100k plays average on platforms
  • Must be on Soundcloud, Youtube and/or Spotify


🏆 NOMINATE any musical creation with less than 100k plays, by artists with <100k plays on average (so far).

🥇WINNERS receive a NFT trophy, an immutable record of great music (Coming SOON)

🌊 Wavvy Music Accolades take place Monthly, with one winner in four categories: Music Video, Single, Live Performance, and Album.

🔑 👉 Want to be sure we don’t miss your music or the music you love? Reply with your cXc Music link for it to be considered for next month’s Wavvys!! 🏆

Wavvys #17 cover featuring EASY FREAK’s Live Performance



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